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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2040
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 242

Man's Super large Crayon taken from Him and thrown down Basement Stairs and added to the pile at the Bottom
Famous Man being interviewed uncomfortably on Set Video Wall behind him showing Frogs leaping West
Large Frazzled pro Photographer giving Customers a Tour stopping on Oil Refinery Gangway to throw her Cameras away and Cry
A man Walking to Next Town tripping and Falling over Nothing as he passes a Watch for Sleep Walkers road Sign
A Shaggy White Dog and a Shaggy White Polar Bear clinging Closely in Flight to Work very much Like an Airplane
A Puzzling Bed Quilt with an Arm Sleeve near Pillow always being found wrongly Inside Out

View Pastel Set 241

Two Ocean Pole standers at End of short Line Unhappy With their Stations both leaping left with Nothing to Lose
Man Getting off Bus seeing Contemplative Woman Looking out from Viewing Park
Emily Dickinson in her 30's a blue mess from making blueberry Pies looking at 50 foot crashed landed flying saucer vertical in her Lawn
A Retired Wireman having no Problem with Flood Water Level as long as he Sleeps on his Top Bunk
Man in Self-Driving Boat Pod at right edge of Unsupported River crossing Grand Canyon thinking wow AI turned out to be Great
Man with Bicycle Spokes bandaged to Fingers and Thumbs who Cooks his Food over Campfire by Circulating hand Gestures

View Pastel Set 240

Rarely seen view of hidden Wireless Chargers and WiFi Hotspots beneath every Stadium Seat by Law
Two Shy armies shooting Arrows in Palace bouncing off one Pillar where two Hallways Meet never hitting anyone yet for 50 Years
Like a man with no arms stretching back Well seated at his station With five displays and two computers And creations
A Digital Clock showing 5:01 PM
The Five in the Corner and the Two-Six plant Cross Side as Opponent ascends Basement Stairs with Hissing Beetle
Cheerful woman boarding Ship with Relatives Joking That she hears it can only apply brakes on Mondays

View Pastel Set 239

Blind electric Guitar player with Method of leaving Stings Unstrung and just Rubbing them in Various Ways over Pickup
Woman dropping Nugget from her Hand whenever she Washes her Foot in stream To satisfy impossible demands Of What a Suitor Dreams
Toddler in Diapers with Arms and Head reaching Back on-Top of Pile in Living Room of Boxes and Cats
The pretty Doris option Somewhere in her home her Eyes with safety measures Breaking Pyramids down Alone
Woman Placing Bag of old Clothing in long Hallway advising it make the Best of it by Going out and Seeing the World
Where his dark San Andreas fault passes. Through dark-palace floors of shale. Every ugly masked court jester. Starts to look like a Nail.

View Pastel Set 238

A non existent Man walking his Dog with two elephant Tusks in midair above Him
Roommates wearing tee-shirts in a New upside down Way and my Home Interior painted Sticky-White while I slept Today
Homely Woman in Hallway background Mature Woman foreground saying You're making a Mistake you know. You're selling People
Man with Beard and slow Hair opening Front door a Bit in Background and high priced Hi-Jinx at mall in Foreground
Upright walking Metal Beetle in Rubble seeing other Upright walking Metal Beetle walking nearby in Deep Thought
Balloon Living inside Beer Can creating Mouth by tearing Opening through both Layers when Given no choice but to Speak

View Pastel Set 237

Man walking Barren Country Road passing self serve rural survey stand owned by No Tree Fell Roadside Research
Mentally ill Man on city Bus with Twenty dollars in his Pocket hearing Wrongdoers laughing Behind Him
A Reluctant Man reaching up to Help dreaming Woman as she Sleep Walks about Helping Others
Two Roman Chariot axles becoming Very Hot as they fight to decide a Single Orbit
Silhouette of a Man meditating in a Sunset line of Palm Trees
Man in Wheelchair wearing "Women Pointing at Sky" T-shirt Arriving for Pilot Training overhearing his Trainer sounding Sad

View Pastel Set 236

A Pretty Woman in a Casino Playing a Large Toaster and Successfully Betting All she has on Burnt
Up Streamer forcing Down Streamers to build Canal Gates who painfully never Speak Negativity
Father and Son in Driveway unboxing Arial Drone having first removed the Seven Foot Radio Controller
That Time to change my Hepa Filters Sturn warning Vision Again
Close up view of the Quiet shy Smile of an Artist
Woman showing Visitor her cat Sleeping inside Sofa that Veterinarian says will Sleep for nine more Years

View Pastel Set 235

Two tenants discussing Door to 5th floor's Railless Baloney resulting in fearful One hanging by String
Perspective room mate seeing his Interviewer Vanish while Jumping up and down on her Excessively wet Garden
A High End Women's Fashion Store Bag walking itself up Someone's Driveway (her world's picker upper)
Wrong Soap flowing down Stairs
Winning diarama called Farm in Storm with Farm Wife chasing Bale of Hay out of Her reach in Air
A Father and Son being Followed by Women with dreams in the Air

View Pastel Set 234

Man going to his Job everyday of Pacing before Building preparing to catch any Fallen future Women he can Love
Oscar Bursting up out of Calamities and Having just two Seconds to Throw a Solution Artifact to the Next Generation
Tongue in cheek dragons know. To answer yes or no. Buttons can Squrve the rights of lines. To display when old.
Like a shirt in a can. Or Emily in a fold. More-comfortable in the wind. Heavenly New Year's in a toad.
One Centimetre Time Port Hole in Livingroom Entertainment Center firing Extremely Slow Motion Spit Balls and dead Flies at Viewer
Inexperienced Man getting inched two feet passed Lost and Found Window realizing he Now has to return to the Back of the Line

View Pastel Set 233

A man badly Wishing he had brought Q-Tips to Mars
A Mars Colony Scientist able to turn himself Into a caged Monkey Depending on who is Visiting
Waking up every Morning to the loud Hourglass
A Man thinking small like a Butterfly landing on beautiful Tree nearby Deeply Thinking until Waking Up
Cheerful Man backpacking through Europe With Thirty foot Stone Wheel on his Back
A balding Man wth Cartoon Clown hair Driving a Clown Car that only has Room for Himself

View Pastel Set 232

Number one in Time Struggling with Comments Below Broom (no room no darling)
The W section of a Slightly opened Book having a peak at the World
A volunteer Caped Super Hero arriving at Gate Five Looking through the small Arrivals Crowd for Friends
Basement Scientist trying a few Overflowing Chemical Reactions to maybe Predict the most common result of Stock Market Love Affairs
My omniscient Brother softly placing Three pairs of Glasses on the Table before Me as I eat Leaning closely over my Soup
A Man building his own Home hiding all the Receipts in the Walls

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