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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2038
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 231

My knees in Ontario. Found land. Made of clay. Got-lucky. But-are what-oceans. Might want to shape their way.
Mister Rose Garden Mistakes watching it Rain Outside un-suddenly Realizing he's just a Door
Dust insulting Something cola Reversed that any Oscar cathode or anode could Deserve
A father Smoking when he was a Farm Hand Fixing brooks learning First time Thirsty
A siamese Brother living life as a Shoulder Mouth allowed-Occasionally to say the word Blob
A load of Laundry someone tried Stuffing into a Snack vending machine on a Large Ship

View Pastel Set 230

The Ice Cream Disaster Mayor. Connecting an old radio to plug. You Can Always Try And Be Taxi With Me. By Arting' the Bug.
Couch trapped being Fancy meant to be a Tuba Deciphered wrong like Liken called to Jury Duty
Awesome imaginary-neighbor. Flash flooding eyebrow-nonsense. Somewhere-investing. Where my hopes might help up conscience.
Group Therapy large space With Three Hundred Folding Chairs around the Edges of the Room with Only Ten in Use
Table Bunker filling Cracks and Stuff with Short Decisions (here boy here's your spoon)
He didn't want to say "anything". No one talks "to a bus". What's "in it" for us. Experience "rhyming" passion rust.

View Pastel Set 229

An unknown number of Sports Cars parked Sideways in a Chunnel
An Elisabeth Belldwin Class AR Team arriving on Scene
Bottle Opener Fornt Door Knob Opened Often Confirming Night still Scary
A Tea Cup with no Religion Hot in Person a Million Denials Away
Scared Man with Medicine Ball Head hearing two Physiotherapy Nurses asking has the Pain Gone Yet
Mess of High Voltage Hydro Lines designed to swoop low over Driveway with trained Giraffe picking up Diamonds

View Pastel Set 228

Man Raising Small Spoon of Medicine with Long Handle to Mouth
A Dragonfly waking a Man with no fingers Sleeping in the Woods in a Bed of Snow
Duck thinking next to cat. I don't have my horse and strong. But I could still meet her. If there's something wrong.
There's a man. Shaking his fist at sparrows. How can he take? Care of planes near errors.
Champagne happening to be in a Yin Yang State with Everything as Much as an Afternoon too Late
Make a Move come see Your Hand I'm headed the Same direction as Well

View Pastel Set 227

Unwisely putting a Winter Coat over the Rear Heat Vents of my Computer's Main Display
Underwater Shark Tank Window with one Shark Head passing through To the Human Side Someway
A Tree floating in a new Ocean thinking about Directions
A police officer. Pointing to a flower styles away. His heart strengthened. By his portrait so softly made.
If I ever run in heaven. I will walk and ask one know. How come slow is actually fast. And fast is actually slow.
Two Robots running out of Personal Steam

View Pastel Set 226

Full beard on One side Slim beard on the Other and a Golf Cart also unappreciated at Work
Boat Massage why can't you forget your Flows and Ebb's and Let Things Fall stacked like Things un-Said
In Georgia as good a place as any. Faculty A vs faculty B. I learned about taking care of it. Doughnut-and-a-Tea.
A Large billboard sized Photo of my Father in my Backyard teaching a class of Fifty Forest Critters every Sunrise
But today has-told me allot today. Eagles fly like ducks. My stove range worships the best schematic. And bets "aboves" on me for luck.
What I saw, in bamboo. The funniness in a star. That an evening inside out. Is what the visions are.

View Pastel Set 225

Captain of a King Crab fishing Boat who never Leaves his Wooden Crate
A Sleepy Man Leaning his Pillow up against a Car Exhaust Pipe never Surprised at what the Car Leaves
Waitress arriving Home passing her Neighbour often Luge Sledding though the Hallways of their abandoned College
A Woman with her hair Sculpted like a Squirrel on the back As she approaches a Man
A man so worried. His "square bailing can" might offend. So he writes poetry. Until he's round again.
The answer is a wish for Mom. May she have a clock like muck. With Lego-love for Lego-Hands. And Lego-Shoes that stick too much.

View Pastel Set 224

Man with Metal File scraping Old Rust off his Hopelessly rusted TV antenna Pole while his BBQ dinner Guests Mingle
Hiding in Bushes at Poetry Reading until someone Arrives Portage running to be first one Seated that's not dangerous that's Corsage
Woman Scientist controlling her Nano World avatar with Big Thoughts for small movements and small thoughts for Big Movements
Middle of nowhere small green plant white stem with words I Think I thought of thought while thinking magically then I thought of Thinking
A Mother makeing sad Coffee for her Daughter's new Boyfriend pushing her Kettle's Temperature to Low
Woman cowering in Corner of her Kitchen spooked by Coffee Can tipping over by Itself

View Pastel Set 223

A female standing in a massive Tent with massive Gears a massive Telescope and a male visitor Her hands offering him a cantaloupe
Humanities Student asking joyous animal behavioural Scientist hugging Creatures if You do Throw up do you Start Hearing
Well dressed Men and Women playing Toaster Poker all Night because Everyone Fits Free Butter
A Jackrabbit with one Big Thumb Front Leg on a Map rare Speed It's Thumb hurting from such deep surgeries Called What a woman Seas
A Planet of Men being Evil and Women being Arrested and new Babies eating with their Hands
A lonely Man standing before a Store Front Window that has only One Autumn Maple Leaf carefully on Display

View Pastel Set 222

A monolithic Glass lounge Chair for thinking and dreaming Higher than the Grass
Port Side gathering of Happy Gold Miners' Wives aboard Yukon Party Boat with all their fingers Mingled in the Air
A Lovely woman Visible through a Haze
Sandwich Ziplock Bags in front pockets One some Used-Floss other some New-Floss (asking dream for flossing reminder trick)
A Friend Delivering a Ring by Kite to Couple on Park Bench but Running our of Sunset
Bronze Sculpture and Poem Plaque in Park of Woman introducing Man to her Knitting Mother

View Pastel Set 221

Cautious Toilet Head Security Guard making his Rounds to press www Buttons while carrying Egg on Spoon
Greeting Farmer hiding behind mound of earth with Straw taped to Fingers holding up Hand shouting Hay
Following a Tiny Ant in a Hospital to a Dusty Utility Room where there's a Hovering Ball of Ladders
A Small Sky Big City towing a Big Sky Small City
Bow of Ocean Liner breaking Waves Viewer of Grand Hallway breaking Haze
Tattered gloved Hand of Laundry Woman showing Holes where the marsh spiders get In

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