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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2036
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 220

A Man and his Girlfriend always changing their Air Filters with One hand Each in unison Yes Mantels can also Dream
Pig Mountain (The grand Scheme of Things)
Noticing your Blue Shirt worn under apron of Waitress Sleeping half Way through Two hundred Foot narrow Cobble Stone Tunnel
Sunset silhouette of my Brother at High Tech company Picnic ignoring his Coworkers' Flyover on various Star Wars Land Speeders
Night Person A meeting at edge of puddle to ask the stars What's Out There
Passengers watching Card Shark pulling The one Card from a Plane Wreck that was covering a Rusted Hole

View Pastel Set 219

A Visitor looking up at a Front Porch Security Camera cleverly disguised as a Full Sized normal Toilet Tilted Down
A Red Fire Truck going Towards rescue Passing grey Fire Truck returning from Rescue utilizing every Inch it Can
Taking a twenty one inch Earthworm out of my Forearm and hoping my Shyness is allowed to be Lazy in the Park
Sectional Sofa with Tree at Corner between blank Paintings with Jet Engine where once was a Coffee Table
A new Artist visiting an Art Gallery who has to use his hands to Aim his Head towards each Painting
A Motionless Dance Night where Artists trade Inspirations and Perceptions

View Pastel Set 218

Woman Getting Ready for Dinner Movie Date by Replacing the Faulty Camera Module of her Always Wear VR Helmet
Still in diapers sees a trend. It's about transportation all within. Woman forced to transcribe her own Psychiatric-visits. Says to reporters it was like Hell's un-End.
Twenty Five relatives Lounging on Four Sofas with Smartest Brother asking Can't you see We need to Move your Room
Two arriving Visitors ascending their Brother's Fifty Four Ton new portable Concrete Door Landing
A non-swimmer Man high-speed Skateboarding across Lake in search for girlfriend Followed by worried Neighbour Woman to Save Him
Low Orbiter storing organ Pains deep Tears wrong Naming's & brick message Ribbons at bottom of Lungs for Siblings who can never Visit

View Pastel Set 217

People with Yellow Hair seeing Yellow Magma flowing from Volcano as they look out Window
An old psychic waking up to find he has Gold Arm Hair and a Gold Beard after dining at a Five Star Restaurant
An Earth below my Chair and an Earth as my Old Thinking Cap
A Lake Cottage built Exactly to Shoreline Edge and Questionably too matched to Water Level
Elderly Mother Sleeping on Moose Antlers above Barn Doors while Gatherings of her Family watch her each Night
A Father Backing up Five Steps from his Dream Team just Defending a Wall

View Pastel Set 216

Big Wrench on Wheels nearing Boots of Man Sleeping Beside Oak Island Mud Path It's about to run over something Guys
Strong Pump forcing hard drying Green water out into all Ocean leaks interfering with Oak Island Endeavors
Dream answering idea for Oak Island as vision of Text saying Try and List all Water Metrics
Train in mid air with Feedback Loop of its Theory Self swooping back and Making its Solid Self
A New International Space Station's Maiden Antigravity Flight through the Grand Canyon as Fans of Man Kind Wave
Young Lady alone Investigating Bedroom while Young man rides Bicycle only Thirty Yards through Mud

View Pastel Set 215

Resting with Thumb stuck in Empty Bathtub drain And biting other Thumb Often due to Sympathy Pain
Friends Finally Finding her first Four Hundred Poems that she lost in her Toaster's Internet of Things VR Coffee Shops District
Two adjacent Apartment Buildings one burned Less one More where Strong winds from the Right were Evident
The fearing of Fears of Farm leaving Farm to follow cars Following Cars
Large Man leaving Movie Theater pulling up his pleats Saying there's that Poor guy from that Channel as he Sees you choosing a Seat
Man telling his brother News apprenetly by Huge Words in mid Air Drifting Slowly from Boat to Shore

View Pastel Set 214

Modern Yukon Trapper trudging along by Foot through Winter on Journey to go visit his Doctor
Sixty Outcomes Dreamed and Randomized by (a) Type of Helicopter (b) Content of Basket (c) Message on Note
Oh gosh what's a voice to say. In his heart is Mem Orray. Stunned as if Montana was. Her egg shell white each day.
A Perfect Girlfriend in her Waitress Uniform playing Violin on the Roof of her Boyfriend's Sports Car
Steam Era Train with Cast Iron Face of a Town's Smart Inventor Traveling Problem Free (what's something my brother should know)
The Respect Score can't be Aged

View Pastel Set 213

Shiny tar Human Shape at Night rising out of Swimming Pool the Moment you Worry
Moving In Gift to Emily Dickinson of Park Bench Large Fountain in Livingroom and Teddybear with Complex Instructions in Bedroom after consulting Dream
Hearing this will Teach you how a Human Body works While playing Pool with everything coated Molasses
Conjunction of Seven new On and Off Ramps in Front of Home leaving Anxiety unable to open new Forever Pedestrian Manual
Who has Got this Bad Boy and trying to Figure me out If You could ask an Afternoon does milk or coffee Doubt
Thirty Five quiet poor Passengers in the Cargo Hold of Ship not Allowed to Leave their four foot Toilet Cubicles

View Pastel Set 212

A Scientist Woman discovering Man can be Wrong
Being older and not Surprised Hot Coffee can Spill Seven Levels of Yes it can get Worse in four Seconds
Ghost of a man's father telling Him a Mouth blocked by Twenty inch round Web of Mold not Healthy
Two Seals in unlit Olympic Swimming Pool 20 years under Living Room Carpet until Home is Found (the amphibious mistake breaking visiting brother's heart)
Looking at Web Site raw logs Intuitively Closer in one Area and Seeing the Words I Need Help coming into Focus
The Maturity Score can't be Gamed

View Pastel Set 211

The Man who's Brain and Organs allergically react to so many sightings of gold plated Drafting Compass Awards
A Woman approaching You in Private and asking if You know how You suddenly became so Balanced
My Pac Man Faced Morphing Gas Foot Brother standing Professionally before his Cars in Painting Land
Near an incoherent Drunk Man a Young Brother aiming Garden Hose at Young Brother's Ear for Asking I Wonder what He's Saying
Wondering how Toothpaste from Storage could get so Old it has turned Brown Second One this Year
Super Extra Sensory filled Young Man winning Leadership followed to Shoreline where Strange Devices to Solve all People's Problems are Sunken

View Pastel Set 210

Super beautiful and smart Female Spy on small Boat Date she precisely timed to have Motor Failure by Sabotaging with Pee
Following GPS location of Lost iPad to apartment of Busy Person who quickly hands back One Beeping iPad from Hundreds
Being among few who know 40000 Kilometer long North Pole Ice Shelf with 10 Kilometer drop off not just Illusion of Map Projection
The Struggles against insurmountable impedances when Even just going to Integrity Lounge
A Circle of Useless Things Glued to a Wall at Center a Small Bottle Spilling Sticky Stuff
Dark Subconscious Memory Gallery where Favorite Expressions are Stored for Eternity under Bright Light

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