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The 66 Paintings of Poster 1998
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11 Sets of Six, Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 11

Flute Player In Water
Cartoon Character Front
Pole Vault With Pills
Waiting For a Friend Over a Pit
Kissing at the Panima Canal Hung Sideways
Always Switching Between Glass and Metal

View Pastel Set 10

Being Watched by Beautiful Faces in the Trees
Man With a Baby's Body
Neither a Viewer Nor an Experiencer of Life Baseball Caps Where Eyes Should Be
A Frog Too Weak to Move
Two Elephants Hiding Behind the Cape of Brenen
Some Men Riding on Slanted Trees Under Water

View Pastel Set 9

Fire Flyer Second Flyer Second Flight
What I Would See if I Went to Comdex
Jogging on a Street Called Log Ten
Two Brothers With Paper Air Planes On Their Lips
A Powerful Athlete With a Second Shy Head
Frogs Using Straws Some to Breath Some to Drink

View Pastel Set 8

Four or Five Houses on the Back of a Boat
Two Trucks Collecting Cars
An Ice Breaker Hitting a Fence
Too Big To Fit In
The House is Upside Down But He Isn't
A Non Skeleton Elephant Winning an Elephant Race

View Pastel Set 7

A Father and Son Watching Cows in Their Helium Rowboats
A Woman Holding a Lion by Its Teeth
Dad Bringing Home a Glass Door
Bowie Napery Being Found Linked to Art In a Good Hospital
The Good of Any Copy
The Last Colin

View Pastel Set 6

A Maple Leaf Covering the Bolt of a Bicycle Seat
A Horse Flower Wanting to Touch a Woman
Sailing Ship the Bowling Ballemit
Climbing Out of a Gorge
After the Hex Was Lifted
An Overhead Projector Hiding a Teacher's Face

View Pastel Set 5

Unicorn In a Cave
Many Ships on a Wavy Sea
Grand Opening Of Mouder
A Skeleton Catapulting Himself With a Catapult Made of Bones
A Unicorn Resting on a Hilltop and Finally Collecting Stuff
Looking at Life Through a Gyroscope Balanced on Your Finger

View Pastel Set 4

Busy River Hung Sideways
Women Riding Slanted Trees In a Slanted Tree Riding Race
Dogs Starting off in Two Directions From a Starting Line
House Above the Stars
All the Characters From Star Wars in a Life Boat
Bed on the Beach of a Deserted Island

View Pastel Set 3

A Rat Wearing a Gas Mask as it is Rooting Through Garbage Next to a Sleeping Bag
Santa Wearing an Army Helmet Under a Transparent Cap
Sliced Up Mountains
The Skeleton Below (A Man Unaware of Skeleton Below While Sleeping Under Tree)
Dynamite In a Toilet Bowl Supper
Plane With Eyes

View Pastel Set 2

Glowing White Spot On a Water Wall
Beautiful Women Trees
Teenagers Skateboarding On Shadows Hung Sideways
Canoes On Top of Monoliths
Second Teacher at the Back of the Class
Rats Rushing Into a House

View Pastel Set 1

A Man and a Woman Bridging Across a Stream
Dancing On a Hotplate
Two Boys Climbing Over a Fence
Discovering That You're Eating Your Landlord
The Dreamers (Men Sleeping on Slanted Trees)
Arctic Ostriches

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