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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2034
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 209

Giant Shark catcher Woman scratching Chalk Board who has Electrical Sparks in her Shoulder
Close Man and Woman with Large Thumbtacks as Eyes Looking Towards you in Vain
Three women Tossing Lumber into Wood Chipper (introducing boyfriends to mother)
Farm with Two very large Lobsters in Corral near regular sized Lobsters Roaming
At the Duct Tape Corpse Bar her Ears are wondering can Rubber Ring
Amy touching Leonard's Face before leaving Making him Fall in Love with Her as Penny Watches

View Pastel Set 208

A Fedora Spy choke holding a Dinner Jacket Spy while saying "It Doesn't Matter What You Think! My Name Is Jim Cambley!"
If a teacher is mad at a student. And a large red bird flies in through totality. If it lands on that student's finger. Is that the nature of reality.
Petroleum Jelly coated Head and Hands counting your Stool Droppings, Plastic Forks, Tv Channel Changes, Sewer Cloggers, and Rabbit Escapes
Big Bang Theory Actors performing a synchronized Dance of Using their Laptops in Unison just for Fun
Friendly Bus Driver on Loud Speaker asking "How long have you been Married" leaving Everybody on the Bus Confused
Refrigerator equipped Inside with 53 inch HDTV Sideways that Shows Items not the Way they were Yesterday then Switches to Clown Face Screaming

View Pastel Set 207

Man resting head on table Distraught because he can't Think with the Ghost of his Father beside Him
Two Trays of Doughnuts at a TV production studio One very Fresh for adult Actors and One very Stale for child Actors
Two Big Bang Theory Actors dancing Clock Hands Going Backwards as they Sing If I Could Save Time in a Bottle
Letting very large wild Alligator bite Arm without fighting back succumbing instead to peace of Mind
Lazy unemployed Man succumbing to unlocking Combination Lock within pointless Time Limit of Testers
Dream voice showing for an hour how Quantum Qubits will work for Communications but nothing Remembered or Understood

View Pastel Set 206

Text Hovering in Air that says I Don't Do The Fishing
Youths of tomorrow enjoying Ice Cream that can never melt and Chocolate that grows Tattoos if they keep Dancing
Heavy equipment Operator not letting Large Active Water problem Left interfere with his Focus on Worker's dependence on him for Life Right
Shy Man in new Apartment thinking hot thoughts about Successful Woman in same Building being informed by Her she hears Thoughts
CEO leaving disabled employee in lobby facing windows saying keep up the good work receptionists then returning to important Symbols
Discovering my iPad Alarm App now shows Wil Wheaton smiling while holding up an Alarm Clock and his Wesley Achievement Check-Marked

View Pastel Set 205

List of Account Names online with one called Yes Everybody Else Is Also Lonely
Night view of City Buildings with one Covered by large Hanging Sign showing Hot Air Balloon
Man with Complex Clear Plastic Container implanted onto his open Skull with Coffee pouring onto his Brain
Large hooded Dark Figure chum hugging a small Man and holding up one very large Finger Before Him
A Man with a two foot Wooden Crate encompassing his Head
Woman on Upper Level looking down at Robot costumed Man shying away from Office talkers to submerge his Head in Toilet

View Pastel Set 204

Visiting an Art District where one Artist runs out Thrusting before you a Presentation of one of her blank canvas Paintings
Small airplane landing on a Basketball Net (nothing but net)
The famous wild airport Pelican that hugs anyone that yells out the name Lou
Twenty Foot tall Artificially intelligent Mechanical Pencils asking Pedestrians for Spare Change to buy more 2B Leads
Yes you heard me right. I said because my-pants are pleasurable. Turn them "off and on" but don't forget. And that's it.
Like dreaming of owning a Memento Smart Frame and then Discovering one in the Living Room

View Pastel Set 203

Spoon and Fork hidden up under Dining room Table before my Family brings Desserts
A resting fifty three year old Man spinning fifty three Yo-Yo's like a headache he will just have to Endure
My deceased father cheerfully asking Want-One? Then throwing his old treasured Home Movie Camera at my Face
Two things that Jessie wants. She has never seen them yet. -You would think we would notice her. -Hell, not on my forget. (monkeys driving through)
Hell where's she going. She was diagnosed. In the dark it makes sense. Forgotten Shakespeare steals the most. (so rivers meet they cry)
Running low on Hidden Dental Floss wound around the Loose Screws under a Dinning Room Table

View Pastel Set 202

The bill for a Perfumey Perfumel Frost Stonehenge Concert Fog Machine and Four Dollars of Dry Ice
Two immovable Two-Foot diameter UFOs that landed at a Science Museum and have been Drawing record visitors Since
Caressing large beautiful Machine with shallow very clean Blue water Basin Top (air purifiers in winter too to cure my head pains maybe mold)
And trucks. Leaving my gravel road. On the evening I took too long in daylight. To buy such crude dream code.
I'm not telling you my dreams. Wait a minute they're full of junk. Cookies and coffee houses every moment. How does she stand up.
Young Adults inventing Large Balls that roll through Cities autonomously and Super Adults stopping them with Bigger Balls

View Pastel Set 201

Touching a Wall Power Adaptor (what it feels like when I find other artists I like)
Retrieving my Computer from the Park
A Man almost Flushing himself but Clogging just in Time
Precious Neural Roman Benches scattered throughout my Mind Where I can Rest far long enough May I please quest her Rhyme
Fifteen Wakeup Single Visions of a variety of horrible Close Calls and then one of over the top Fantastic Good Vision
Chicken with Mohawk Haircut seeing Insects in Bowl of Milk as viewed from down Escalator inside Penthouse on day of Girlfriend's ai-algorithm Court Date

View Pastel Set 200

Housewife putting Garbage out saying Joanie is that You to her Neighbour nicknamed Pawfull Petals searching Bushes
A Woman wearing a gold necklace looking down. At many dirty pots and pans in a sink. Why do schizotypals isolate. You blink.
Carrying a hot serving Dish of food quickly around an empty House in search of Oven Gloves or a Towel
Nicked Hand on Car Repair workbench among Tools and Loudspeaker saying It Would Require Alot of Testing
Trying to remember the Music Notes that use to get me an Outside Line
Many Worms Swimming

View Pastel Set 199

Husband watching Wife Cry as she adds Happy Paint Colors over their Daughter's many Dark Paintings who they just learned has Cancer
A Love Potion tipped Headset Microphone unfounded into the side of a Turkey
Man nicknamed the Lobster worry pacing Home with nicked Finger as new Girlfriend tells visitor All is Good We can Help him Now
Difficulty using Thumb Tacks difficulty Peeling Eggs The Age of my Descent
Five heavy square Aluminium Tiles under the back Window of a Car each Holding 29 days of Vegetables (the most mind crushing conundrum)
Finding Oneself lifting Coffee with baby finger from top of Important Documents Personal Drawings and iPad stacked on Pool Table after being Lost in Thought

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