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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2032
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 198

The sadness of the Five Foot mound of Dirty Dishes in the Kitchen Sink
Flying around my Home anywhere I want using a Magic Pillow which is making a Lion below me believe I'm Food
Happy Woman at work in her Office Dancing behind her Desk by meandering only her Fingers
Man pushed hundreds of feet by Powerful jet of Water from Goldfish that didn't like Anyone fetching its Mail
A Painful rare Talking Rash on the back of a Neck
Play Doh or Silly Putty ruining a Headset Microphone

View Pastel Set 197

Watching overweight Woman useing sticks and strings to remove Pillows from her Sofa that remind her of my Poetry
Corporal Klinger playing Scrabble with Colonel Potter who wisely Answers no it never Bothers Me that they Squabble it Qualifies Me
Walking up Walkway of Townhouse Complex to ask Neighbour question but Turning Back after Seeing her Darkened Window closing Slowly
City below who have Forgotten why they add more Bracing for Faith and City above who have Forgotten there is Anyone down There
Retired woman my age on my Lap offering Relationship and my Mind building up to Nice dreamed Twice
Strong Athlete explaining Personal Power during thirty second Dash Run as Sadly successively Feebler versions of himself are Exposed by Moulting

View Pastel Set 196

Sittwomuch Cryfowl receiving his weekly Grocery Delivery confused by the joking about not Needing Water
Milk Men playing Pour Milk seven feet down into Drinker unknowingly Driving towards Luxury Pickup Truck owner Fishtailing Backend over Cliff
Magically Figure Skating in Public Square without Roller Skates to Romance Music that for some reason only I can Hear
Feeling admiration for a Bare Bones new Candy Store Owner and thinking carefully of offering him my Paintings
A premodern Warrior in theater Seating interrupting Stage Players to ask if they also are hearing his Favorite Song
An old Farmer and an old Computer Programer imagining they must talk to each other's child level whenever they Meet

View Pastel Set 195

The Solemn annual Mattress discarding Tradition in Second Life
A patented Coffee Sweetener dispensing Straw holding a Woman in Second Life
Tin Foil dressed Penguin on top of Front Loading Laundry Machine checking Soap Drawers and Cycle Selectors before pressing Start
A Romantic Man teaching a local Woman how to Kiss
A pain relieving Drug Company doing in-depth Experiments to advance Country Road Understandings up to Sixty feet Wider
The SLannaOne artificially intelligent Mattress saying You Don't Love Me Anymore found moved Twelve Inches

View Pastel Set 194

Dream suggesting I attach a Crane Hook to the top of my Hydro Generator Design
Three Heads growing from Ground with lots of Visible Roots and Moon Above
The Emergency Response Texting to Night Clouds Laser Shining System Anonymously Saving Everyone by Diversity
Large upside down Wine Bottle drip feeding a front loading Washing Machine
Woman chef cooking on Upper Level shouting down her progress to Customers below because she's a Loner
Three illogics (Fast Bus Wait) Wrong Side (Washroom Wait) Cool Dancing (Frying Pan Over Bed Wait) Small Nail

View Pastel Set 193

Lovely voice from Hidden speaker of Legless upside down imbedded Mannequin asking Excuse me sir am I selling my Legs
Woman Air-Writing something Inches from your Eyes while asking Will you quote Me because I'm going to quote You
Waking up and discovering your Roommate has installed a large Billiards Table in his Kitchen
Three white Birds flying fast passed my closed Window in Single File
Unattractive shirtless Man thinking he was Alone privately dancing startled to find Woman beside him Dancing
Man in Washroom who excused himself from Dinner Party pulling out one magnetic Eye Lash Hair and putting it back In

View Pastel Set 192

Vigil of close Friends in Living Room waiting weeks patiently for their Friend to come back from Missing Again
Cooking Pan dropped down onto Boots and Dishes a foyer floor Below
Man kissing Wall near his Visitor who is asking him if that Works
Recognizing old note to self about Chores glued to Sky Light in rarely explored upper reaches of Palace
Cooking oil being added to a Cast Iron frying pan Surgically capping a man's Scull Cavity
The two words Dress Deep in midair of an underground Utopia where People have Thumbs Again

View Pastel Set 191

High Chain Link Fence being unlocked by Two men in Leather Jackets the first one nicknamed The Roller
A mother watching her Daughter crying because someone has Copied her whole Web Site
Two serious Samaritans exiting and entering Emergency Room bumping Shoulders as they pass signalling Good
My Brothers discussing the hot looking Women they are seeing two Thousand feet Away
The word Birch floating in mid air spelled with Birch Bark
Far Man saying I beat you to Liam Neeson saying Thank You for that Hate Mail as he feeds his Fish

View Pastel Set 190

A female Teacher with Stopwatch and drum roll Sound Affect telling Students a test has Begun then sealing her Lips with Tape
1920's Men and Women exiting Building basement Hatch at Sunrise after having a Good Time
A Man rushing to Vacuum his Foyer shelf after his Guests have placed their hats There
Side view of a Ceramic Pig that can serve Salt or Pepper as a Set or Single
Man alone in City leaning backwards with Long Pony Tail instead of Head or Neck
Two product promotion Women returning to Limousine at the Oaf Cabin winter swimsuit Competition

View Pastel Set 189

Around your toaster I hear things. Lovely is one such word. That goes on anything not yourself. How envious butter heard.
Cast of New Girl as Super Heros walking Fearlessly down the Street to Danger
Hello folks. How are you doing. Do you "want" anything North. First checking her mirror on the lower landing. I fear the Cigarette-Seller-Woman's course.
Four men in Top Hats who own Businesses sitting in Shoe Shine chairs watching Cleaning Woman accidentally hitting her Head on a Desk
World class Arctic Pilot jokingly trying to poke Wood Stove out to tease Pilots in Training into Stopping Him
School Teachers and Students holding Passports arriving at humorous Teacher's home on Sunday to Beg him to be Serious

View Pastel Set 188

She makes the finest living. To over calm my nerves. You're going to be disappointed. She's like a friend to-me, dear Curve.
Spotlight on the black lamb top Bunk Resting Hidden among several Quilts and Reasons
Woman rearranging Notes and graphics on Cork Board (in the name of the game, that's for us)
Deep woman Thinking while tiny shy hand reaches in to touch her Neck
A woman searching cupboards. Her house And vast loved land. Shadow "of man cloud" holding coffee. Overcast moving bland.
Like a cue ball scratches. After being mentioned. By advertisements on the table. That's cue speed 53. The speed a shadow finds a mansion.

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