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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2030
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 187

Gold and Yellow and Whittaker sir and not less than a perfect ten Ouch a Friend (the hanging upside down boxer's den)
Try not to Speak rice of America the only way to Go dancers in the blinding Snow (the deep earth anchored nightclub table woes)
Drag me into something. I'd like that holy lighting. Snap the foot back on. That component, again so frighting.
Draw up the important stuff. Milk-bags had their say. There's nothing big to drink in there. Music "heard" about it's day.
Now they're also bright. We're done here. Benny "will" prime real-estate. We haven't gotten any further. That's my "kind" of rain oh-grate.
There's the hand that makes you up. In the event the one page needs. Or doesn't have "conversations". And you go into Men's-Store seas.

View Pastel Set 186

Following man though Water soaked Lawn to Home Window who then Leaves
Roommate showing how he installed a Cone of Silence made of old Wool over the Toilet
Ok let's see here Fly the Broom to-morning Reveille Through the longest ever learning Tunnel-Glide (to Emily)
Let me think Delivery. Garlic wash your Hands. Priced at Three Quarters. I'm the Man
Sooner or later there's a Whole Flow and You get to Drawer all that Know
Take me Down to the Movies for Inner Tubes and Hush like Judy's yes I Understand

View Pastel Set 185

What we remember sailor Jane Supper-you're-Predicting Hey girl throw the Dice (clear horizon vast ocean)
It's not perfect Science but Numbers are Good for Me and Lake Effect doesn't do That (man exploring tunnels)
Listen to me about our newest Decider that will make the World's greatest Distracted Driver
Pair of Binoculars aiming Upwards (from grocery night) That your fifty-year-old Bag Clerk (needs back to find a wife)
Baseball Attorney (sit back massive feet) We have a Glide on the Floor (who wants to meet)
Setback Nothing but Rivers (alright) Plain you're Up (we're Texaco tonight)

View Pastel Set 184

Extra Clues opening a Bakery where People could always Win a chance to Phone Themselves
Doing it for Caviar a woman setting Table so Good Saints go Away
A Mega Ice Storm soon to Dissipate in the Corner of a Stand For It
I'll give you a Hint there are Mountains which I'll show you when Someone wants You
You even bought a Car the Legend with Movie Cylinders and Wait I Second That (rough open sea)
Ok that's enough Fighting please Answering Jack the Monkey Screamed

View Pastel Set 183

People living inside their Walls in Small Drawers hiding from Emergency crews Breaking In (ebola preparedness)
Women getting together for Tea and also for Washing Everything (ebola preparedness)
Women saving us from all the Bathtub leaks in our Homes (ebola preparedness)
What might mean my first Activated Unconscious Visual seen while testing Napping with my Hand out before my closed Eyelids
Two homeless Men getting Disability if they can prove a Garbage Bin Lid could Close above Them
Just standing with Milk on Scarf too far from a Mirror but Not too far from the Sea

View Pastel Set 182

A Shovel of Humanity's Bubble Gums hardened to it and a pan of Humanity's Saliva
Male passenger on Motorcycle clapping hands twice in front of steering Female and saying to her Faster we're not Men
Person walking in Deep driveway Snow just before the Passenger side of a slow moving Car
Host running away to Kitchen feigning Hulk Transition warning his Party Guests to Leave Now
A child telling his Mother that he is going to Throw Up and he Does
The Very ill Woman who Won her Man by Saying I'll crack you up but I'm Harmless

View Pastel Set 181

Occasionally Looking Backwards Therapy (asking dream what would fix all my various head pain problems)
Wireless Headset on top of Computer Speaker and Beer Bottle all being Knocked Over by Kick
Spirited call center Worker eating Apples between Calls reacting Loudly to Screen Data
Poster of Paintings with empty unused Food Bowl hovering before it showing everything I have to offer Women
The Belt Buckles of a Medical Patient's Straitjacket being welded Shut
A Woman giving half her Sandwich to a Man

View Pastel Set 180

On Cruz Ship chatting with Brother about Passenger you like as you brush her favourite Lounger with Socked Foot
Retired famous singer playing Requests at Old Age Home where no one is familiar with his Songs
At Five watching Father at Workbench tossing Fly on live Spider Web before Me
Ladies man next to Quiet shy brother saying to blind date Woman "We were deciding who should get first pick from the tank. I won"
A Teacher Knocking at a Home and asking I'm out of a Job would you accept me by Mail
A Wasp themed window ornament Gift for a Grandmother helping Someone cross a Street getting Applause

View Pastel Set 179

The water level of a Toilet about to Overflow
Basement Panel stuffed with Hundreds of Gadget Batteries powering the last Engagement Ring Gleam
Unconscious man Dining with Woman who is Regretting her Choice of Food
A Satellite Map showing North America randomly Fifty Percent Enraged
Dreaming of World Famous neutral zone where Entertainment People make Deals
Woman who taught me Bank Machine use teaching me again Forty years Later

View Pastel Set 178

Pickup Stopped at Phone Pole in Farm Land five Memories of going up with Repair Tools (hoping communications mend)
People who don't paint scare Me non poets scare me Too seven billion performance Artists are arguably more than I can Cue
Seeing Impossible Art Installation Happening for real Five seconds Later (governments trying to eradicate all circles)
Mentally ill man who puts his head near Wind Turbine whenever Farmer needs it to Chip Wood
Shabby delivery Man with improvised Shabby mail Truck delivering Shabby imitation Delivery Parcel
Stepping on plastic bag of Warm Water in Bathtub filled with Cold Water as part of Experiment about Finances

View Pastel Set 177

One Bird carrying dead Bird same Species probably Mourning
A Karate teacher closing Curtains and Doors so he can tell his life problems to a favorite Student
Explaining plumbing pipes in a Tavern once I was in a world that Nice A pedantic in his old Age too happy to be in second Life
Lifting Napkin of Ice Cubes from warming up Stove Burner
A warm Power Supply powering a Cooling Fan mutually long needing each other's Kissing So Good and Song
Tightening Heat Sink screws down too Hard and Fast throwing CPU pin bending Cautions to the Wind

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