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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2028
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 176

Massive silent Tandem Helicopter over head designed to house very expencive Apartments
Resting young Woman in Poverty with two Mice asleep on her Blanket
A sleeping Man never using his Coffee Thermos to phone a Woman
Man instructing Man how messy Room is and how it should be Cleaned
Dark shoreline water of Dense messy Swamp too dark to Fathom
Long instructions for Helicopter and all it's required Nuances mostly favouring Left

View Pastel Set 175

Girl Singer at mic exclaiming Sultan that's the exact Word she was Looking For (asking dream what Canada should do next)
Two Men Two Women Entrepreneurs in Tarzan clothing all fired up to start Detailing Cars on Fifth Floor of Office Building
Secret surveillance discovering Man only helps Clean House when he is fooled into believing Everyone has Died
A Super Policeman's grown up Daughter who only likes looking at the Night Skies
Small holes Melted through top of Army Helmet
Antique Portrait of Fifteen depression era Farmers before a Road Side Stand

View Pastel Set 174

I know what Mistakes are for Now they help Art distort the Lines I dreamt I Tripped and Kissed her I Tripped a Thousand Times
Farmer demonstrating how to store Tools by tossing them at Super Strong Magnetic Walls
Rectangular Hole dug Fifteen Feet from Window unearthing rusted Bicycle and rusted Oil Tank
Wine colored Snow Sculptures of Critters throughout a Neighbourhood leading to one Cartoon Painting
There's nothing else happening like this so I'm going to sit down and learn about Me (go home johnny boy go tree)
Eyes closed Tightly until demonstration of Computer Controlled flying Objects and Strobe Lights is Over

View Pastel Set 173

An unsuccessful Man teaching People a Sad Song that he Knows (called clap your hands and toes)
Man and Woman at Conference giving Condolence Gift of spoiled Milk to Exhibitor for their Family Loss
A dream book of my Art and Poetry called Everything for the Complete Space Traveller
Gas Pain avoiding Walrus trying not to Swim near Floating Foods
Pretty Woman in College setting up Display of her 3D printed Crystal Chess Set
Naked Police Woman buying French Fries after confrontation where Criminal took her Clothes

View Pastel Set 172

Gifted Teddy Bear with Cigarette Lighter tie wrapped to Paw on bureau of someone who Smokes
Brave man and Crew on complex Shark Study Boat battling Vicious Storms for World Science
Famous Actor pinching Neck of ailing Rock Star continuously as they go on Stage
Confused slow Man on Bicycle knocking over Bicyclist waiting in lineup at Garage for Bicycle Repairs
Very Thirsty woman with back on Floor drinking Bottle of Water found In Toilet Tank
Man making Machine that Grosses out Cowboy Star on TV

View Pastel Set 171

Two Delivery Men delivering a Bed
An irresistibly Nice Woman smelling Engine Fumes to help Mankind diagnose his Car Troubles
Strong old student in Hallway bending arm of Computer Teacher Responding please don't hurt me yet
Protected female Bee Keeper removing Bees from Curtain
Scarecrow costumed Celebrity directing construction zone Traffic exchanging long look with Woman Driver he once Knew
A Goose chasing a Truck rear Wheel where it had built a Nest

View Pastel Set 170

Water and Large Oversized Cookbooks put on Kitchen Table by Man gone to other Distractions
Watching a ball of something Stinky transform into a Pirate's Head in three Bursts
Meditation training of seated Man with Leg in Knee Brace saying Now That Hurts
A twenty foot tall Chicken putting Farm Garbage in proper Bins
Famous Man playing the Self Nudity card too early when his New Girlfriend Arrives
Famous Actress sporting fake Baby Pregnancy Harness outside her Clothing in Elevator

View Pastel Set 169

Huge Intelligence gathering Surveillance Ship with just one window for Lonely Woman
Resting Man who reads Technical Manuals until Light on his Stomach turns Red
Showing Woman Gloves she forgot but without Speaking which turns Man into Weirdo
Police looking at Chalk outlined Shy Man on Bed next to Chalk Outline of no Woman
Handcuffed Woman spitting Flower inside her Mouth down onto handcuffed Hands of Man
Inside view of Bagel Sandwich Show (fifteen to ends rottings to friends things my psychiatrist should know)

View Pastel Set 168

A Man detaching the small Goose Neck Lamp attached to the front of his Neck
Anguishing man Tapping his Forearm ten times then removing a Super Sour Candy from his Mouth
A Diaper wearing Man sand sculpture called The Fires of Life
Snake living inside Man's Arm peeking out to Greet visiting Snake
Scientist wishing to save Dog with new strain of Rabies
A Woman wearing a black short Skirt and another longer Skirt over that made of black Netting

View Pastel Set 167

Woman opening Woman's bedroom Door so her disabled Friend can evaluate prospects of Man ascending Attic Stairs
New Secretary with many Toothpicks in her Hair by the End of Day from other Secretaries blowing through Straws
A short Stage Hand walking past the Women's Dressing Room as Female Performers in its Doorway say Hi
A heated Frying Pan too dry then Remembering it has only ever Cooked Sentences
Comparing two short story manuscripts both called The Science of Wearing Lots of Men's Clothing
Man Leaving hard Covered Lifeboat through Hatch the kind built for Ocean Oil Rigs Platforms

View Pastel Set 166

Point of View Only racing in Circles inside large vacant Shopping Mall making plans to enjoy Refreshments
Teenage psychic looking at Teacher while to Teasers behind him answering Three
Spock cutting an Apple Computer Logo onto the back of a Villain with the Tip of his Spear
Futuristic Person's head DNA modified into Goat same way People once Tattooed
Breakfast Hash Brown stuck to Shoulder kitchen Timer stuck to Nose
Male picking up lots of Dog Droppings before Poetry Reading saying it's Good to be a Man

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