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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2026
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 165

Woman at Casino who holds Lit Cigarette too near Other Patrons
A Gentleman seeing no point to Warming his Toes in Mouth of Woman
Retired Ballet Shoes Suspended over Can of Royal Blue Paint
Statues of People at Grassy shore line Balancing on One Foot poised for Flight
A Truck turning into our Property raising my Anxiety Instantly
A Glass of Chocolate Milk Spilling in a Dishwasher

View Pastel Set 164

Husband with high Blood Pressure waiting for Woman leaving work shattering Window to get her Attention
Man hiding in Pro Football complex behind Fake Wall hoping keen Eyed people never Notice
A Horse Assembling it's own Corral
Head of Person in Future DNA modified into Mountain Goat same way People once Tattooed
Newspaper Ad from Tech Company showing mysterious Schematic Diagram as Recruitment Riddle
Family Dinner so Crazy and out of Control they have no Time to notice Me

View Pastel Set 163

Living room Chair in Storage Room before Food Freezer and White Chalk Stick on entrance door Hinge
A Zombie having troubles Chewing Gum
Female House Guest passing through Living Room pressing Hip Print onto TV Screen as she Goes Out
Dozens of Poetry Books socializing at a Poetry Reading for Poetry Books
Person looking into Ear saying your Ears are quite Dirty
Dishwasher with intermittent Blog to Internet button Out of Order

View Pastel Set 162

A Motorcycle taking 100 feet to stop on Wet Grass just before a Road Side Shack (my indigestion)
Squirrel in Mouth of Fox descending Tree with a You Should Start Swimming Text Message Overlay
A Skydiving Skier trapped in Telephone Pole Wires spending most of his days Sleeping
Executive asking Employee to please Stop trying to fix this Person with Giant Scissors
Turning a Television Volume down extremely Slowly to see if it controls all Control Freaks
Woman explaining something technical in Rhyming Lyrics inwardly Satisfied

View Pastel Set 161

Painting responding Unplug home Wifi Router to spend time Together when asked how to make non-computer Family member Happy
Bunny Pyjamas with Walk Powered Chatter Teeth at Abdomen
Two small Lights shining Down on Cat's Food and Water (asking painting for idea to help old cat smell food)
How do UFO's stay in the Air (woman holding one breast higher than the other)
Street Pothole erupting three Costumed Superheroes ready to Fight (what should I really be worried about)
Sofa SoGood sitting on her Sofa outside my Window in Winter as I listen to Romance Music

View Pastel Set 160

One Inch Jack Game Pieces on a Beach in Normandy (why I don't talk much in public)
Stage built into Apartment abstrucking main Window requiring too much Red Tape to go Public
Accidentally typing Loae instead of Love into a Search Engine
A Man Studying his Owl Like new Facial Hair after seeing a real Owl the Day Before
Man Scratching Flower Tattoo on right Shoulder Blade with Thumb (is two glasses of wine per day too much)
Clown on Bed Squirting Water at Mechanical Bust of Woman saying Don't ever Make her Talk like that Again Please

View Pastel Set 159

View looking down at my Feet trapped in Corner of Chicken Coop by young Chickens crowding Perilously (painting of my health)
Two Buckets of Water Experiment one receiving trickle of Chocolate other trickle of Wine
A Man with a Canon Shaped Deformation in the Iris of his Left Eye hoping no one ever Notices
A Cat with One Inch Metal Hair under its Chin making its Owner wonder about what to Do
A Support Beam and a Furnace half Tilted Over
Two Close Cottages in Second Life One Petite (my art and poetry career)

View Pastel Set 158

A Taxi Service making $5000 Dollar bid to Drive me Home after three Days of Negotiation in his Family's Living-Room
A Universe liking Improvements including Nude Descending a Wrong Way Street
Two Hands Folding House Wiring back over three foot Stick like Sewing Needle showing what Humanity Should
Arm of Performance Artist clumsily reaching out to Controls of Backhoe Loader clumsily reaching out to World
The Satisfaction of Replacing a Bedroom Doorknob Perfectly (a painting for Plato who hated painters and poets)
Small Company hidden in a Highspeed Transitway with Large Sign advising the application of Brakes very Heavily
View Pastel Set 157

Two upside down Teardrop shaped UFO's in a Sunrise
Zebras Intwined at centre of Jigsaw Puzzle that may never be Finished
Touching a Sensor to the Metal Rods of a Computer Chair to find its Sweet Spot for Receiving Television
Shyly proud My Shipment arrival of a Wooden Art Display Box is half dismantled by a Local Craftsman measuring it to Copy
Shyly proud Neighbours have been placing Bets against my Box of Table Salt falling off a Clothesline before Theirs
Back Door view of it raining People and Pieces of Wood

View Pastel Set 156

End of Day Office worker leaving Overgrowth covered Drainage Ditch where he presumably has a Desk down there Somewhere
Men and Women staring at Windshield Wipers while Stuck until the Fire has Arrived
A Viewer Suspecting more Hearken To in a Woman's Heart than her Expression or Slowness to Answer can Convey
Fingers together Flirting slowly while placing Unimportant Lucky Number pucks into Choices at a Country Fair
Quiet Male poet almost approaching Stage Microphone where Beautiful Woman poet is Stalling to Step down by Undressing
Quickly following an Unusually Fast Bug on a Patio to see where it Goes

View Pastel Set 155

Emily Dickinson in her Front Yard with one Huge Shoe and one Small Shoe who seldom goes Outside
Man carrying Jug spilling Water as he follows Someone down Basement Steps
Some Coins under an Award winning Infant's Potty Chair
A Bad Person Proud of Good Person he has inside a Rubber Ball (asking dream how my brain works)
Recalled Hamburger Meat with strange internal Mechanics making me have Questions of Worth
A Race for Curiosity between two Beatles Ascending two strings of Precision unmatched Tensions and Frictions

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