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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2024
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 154

Visual Instruction Guide of how to Choose a Proper type of Coffee Cone Filter
Sleepy man who Woke at night while Camping feeling around Floor of tent in search of Nothing
Reaching into Darkness between two Storage Sheds pulling back Nothing that was lost to Time
Contemplating the Impossible question by sitting Center of Frozen Pond whenever Morning something Lost
Compliant Passenger in Car where Driver's rule is Everybody must Sit upon Fresh Sheets of Tin Foil
A Man and Woman in a Space Viewing Port after hearing about Hate for the First Time

View Pastel Set 153

The Runaway Caboose
World growing plants in a Special Planter for Flowers to grow on one Side and Roots to grow on the other Side with of course a Separator
A saddened Spying Villain watching a Sabotaged Award being tossed into a Junk Corner by a successful Humanitarian with Friends
A Female Mosquito having to choose from a Disabled small Male mosquito Close or a Disabled large Male mosquito Far
Jars of coloured Sand Layer Art mostly ruined by Improper Storage on their Sides
A Forensic Investigator interviewing Witness with Hayfever saying Madam you are just having a hard Hardcopy (what do you want)

View Pastel Set 152

Retrieving a First Girlfriend from Throat of Dangerous Snake using two Fingers so Slowly to avoid Fangs
Man nearing plastic Barbie Doll named Qwekey at Picnic Table (dream warning me I enjoy my food too fast causing acid reflux)
An Alberta hobby Farmer who has added Thirty Orange Chickens to his Thirty Regular Chickens
A Paper Collage Family going to the Hospital
Siblings working Hard to Grow a Ten foot by Four foot Rice Field as their Brother who they are Growing it for Watches
A Passenger's point of view in Car going too Fast on a Highway where it's Intention of Stoping or not Stoping for Bumper to Bumper traffic Ahead is Unclear

View Pastel Set 151

A voice changing Karaoke Machine worn on Face by two USB ports pushed into Nostrils
A Wimpy Actor hiding behind Toilet kicking away Scary Prop saying "I'm sorry that's not what I signed up For"
Mid career Actress at Night to Prove Point rushes out to Sidewalk whispers "Fifty" and stops City Bus by Whistling
An upright Cat chained to an upright Vacuum Cleaner asking no one again if he can go Outside
Discovering that Headache Pills are Magnetic and Stick together and to Coins
Holding a Cat who has Bizarrely Contorted himself into a Ball as a Protest to extra long Hugs

View Pastel Set 150

Man quickly tidying Table of Maps saying "No You can't help Me" to arriving Man who Heard he was Needed
Man in Garage Waking up Next to Rags with harsh Fumes (please drink more water)
Filling up a Car Floor Mat with water from a Kitchen Tap before filling out a Census Form
Man in Reclining Leather Chair in Farmer's Field watching Golf Games happening around Him
Old Man amongst Christmas Tree Gifts hovering in Box called Angela Five Dickinson Wait
Deadpan Woman opening Refrigerator Door pointing at Hamburger Meat saying "that-there"

View Pastel Set 149

Man Background Woman Foreground Holding Viewer's Shoulder asking You Know it's all Circular Right
Call girl in training after her first lesson telling teaching call Girl "That was so adorable!"
Zippered Roads of a City being a Man's Eye Shield and an Elephant's Hole Trap
Man's Hands Presenting three joined Partial Egg Cartons with a Drinking Straw at the End
An Aunt rushing into her Parlour passing you a Puppy saying your Uncle's Will said you would take care of Dynamo
A Cat that Grew up in a Litter of Dogs so it Barks and Wags its tail Fast

View Pastel Set 148

Puppet playing Flute for watching Woman tapping side of Flute twice Implying Innuendo
Man Almost Leaving Attic Hatch on Ladder at Wrong Angle on Bureau instead of Floor
Man in Hospital reaching to Scratch his Charred and disfigured Feet Remains (asking dream is humanity in danger)
Squid atop flashing VCR and Men entering Room saying You see it's still Wrong (asking dream is humanity in danger)
Meekly showing someone a Painting of their Hug brand cigarette rolling papers on a table without Speaking
Small Woman watching Large Dinner Plate at Centre of Exponential Spread of Dark Dots

View Pastel Set 147

A Man Rinsing his Arm Daily in a Tube of Water Urgently
Smiling Man Suspended by Engine Hoist above Front Lawn Tree put up there by his Buddies
A Computer Circuit Board with Heat Sinks that look like City Buildings
View of a massive Arching Bridge showing the Crescent Moon just Above Middle
Apple Juice can Recycled before Repair of Eavestrough Drain both Leaking at Top and Clogged at Bottom (water equals money)
Friendly Woman sitting edge of Bed her Head resting on a Resting man's raised Knee

View Pastel Set 146

Lawn Grub Coated with Salt Standing on Snowy Mountain Wondering what it all Means
A dreamed Webpage for something called Wonder-IO (input output)
Cat Looking into House from Burrow in Snow beneath its own Droppings
Negotiation Man with Stage Fright before Sofa of Siblings Act one Super Spider Act two Super Muscle
Man Diligently trying to Help a Jug of Fresh Milk learn to Fly using lifting wires and running Starts
A Teenager showing an Invention

View Pastel Set 145

Rusting Bicycle in Swamp Marsh watched by Owner Thirty years later Meditating on Nearby Rock
Two Friends about to take Crane Lift ride at Under Funded Country Fair
Detective Frustrated at Bartender's lack of Answers rubbing Bar's Flatbed Scanner for Psychic Signals
A Farm Tractor with one Wheel ten times Higher than my ego Slowly Being Driven Backwards by a Woman
Bedroom Door with Rare Important Warning Decals from Historical Ship Engine and Engineering Rooms
A Male Mosquito on a Bedroom Wall making Plans to Afford Columbo Doctoring

View Pastel Set 144

A very long Tent Pole extending to the North Sky from a Small Tent
A Hand with Adhesive Coloured Buttons that fall off when its Person Thinks too Emotionally
Watching cat Smell Coins and Swallow them without Human Interference
A Man Tip Toeing through Driveway Puddles in Pyjamas to goto the Mall with his Brother
Looking out Window and Seeing Communications Tower now Fifty Percent closer than it's Been for Years
Getting Tangled in Spider Webs after Moving to far end of Porch to watch Fireworks away from a Crowd

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