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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2000
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11 Sets of Six, Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 22

A Prince In a Clearing Looking Up at Nothing
Front of House Only With Mailbox Steps Doorbell and Other Side Same
Dog on a Dock at Night Resting Near Two Empty Gondola Boats
Four Tigers Sleeping on a Dock at Night Near Empty Gondola Boats
Many Helicopters Flying Upside Down Some Not
Birds in Flight and Profile in Left Half of Painting Only

View Pastel Set 21

Beach Sand Shaped Like a Women With Trees for Arms
Man Watching Woman Fall Through Edge of Puzzle Cliff
A Lightbulb Hiding a Man's Lips With Wires on his Shoulders
The Curves of a Man's Face Matching But Not Touching the Curves of a Distant Woman
Two Totem Poles Leaning Into the Entrance of a Television Studio
Two Monkeys Laying Low On a Saddle Well Actually They Are The Saddle

View Pastel Set 20

A Teddy Bear and a Satellite in Orbit
Man With Woman on Beach (Canoe Touching Her Wanting to Become One)
A House On the Hill Called Now I Cry Mount House
A Roman Soldier and a Roman Philosopher With One Body Two Heads
Thinking Hard Before Opening Setting Up a Convention Alone
In Proud Pose Two Birds of Same Feather

View Pastel Set 19

Two Men Playing Poker Against a Display Rack of Information Pamphlets
Two Women In Profile With Same Evening Hats Their Hands Gesturing Stop
A Man Leaning His Head Into Your View of a Painting
A Man Rescuing Himself With a Life Preserver of Art Titles
A Question Mark Mouse Turning Into a Question Mark Bird
World Within a World Great Trees Live in Both

View Pastel Set 18

Animals Tongues Entering a Man's Ears Only One Tongue Leaving His Mouth
Proof That I'm Not Disabled
A Man In His TV Repair Shop With His Cats
A Woman In the Passenger Seat of a Car With No Driver
A Man Lying In A Bed On a Hill With A Horse and a Dog Over His Head
A Giant Shopping Cart Embedded Into a Women's Soccer Field

View Pastel Set 17

A Man Lying Down With Arms Up In The Air Joining an Endless Chain of Arms
A Dog Working at a Desk Inside a Room With a Mother and Child Shaped Window
The Sadness of Moving Because the Windmill is Old
The Road Is Smooth Again After Filling a Pothole
A Stop Hand Sign Over a Mining Tunnel Entrance
A Gentleman Seeing Three Graceful Women Inside an Outdoor Cafe

View Pastel Set 16

The Twigs of a Delicate Tree Growing to Resemble Gunned Eye Glasses With Triggers
A Man of Solemn Face and Mask of Tree and Flowers on the Cover of a Book
A Warm and Quiet Home Shaped Like a Girlfriend
Person of Strong Boat Trying to Rescue People of a Capsized Smaller Boat
A Contortionist Walking On His Hands as a Metaphor for Work
Looking Through a Courtyard of Leafless Trees Hung Sideways at a Lush Tree Near the Exit

View Pastel Set 15

The Four Parts of my Psyche Gathered Together at the End of a Sofa to Talk
Many Car Batteries In Two Inch Deep Water as Far as the Horizon
A Cat With Claws in a Street of Active Night Clubs on Stilts Hung Sideways
A Man Driving a Shopping Cart Set Up Like a Tank
A Funeral Procession of Two Coffins in a Pickup Truck Behind a Fifty Foot Limo
Some Animals Walking Out of a Farm Pond Into An Eighteen Wheel Truck

View Pastel Set 14

A Beautiful Floating Woman with No Lower Body Playing Pool
A Chimney Covered Front Door In The Middle Gaze of Hollywood
Motorcycles Racing and Can Lean No Farther
Woman Scratching Her Nose And Her Breast At The Same Time
Rhinoceroses in Love Reflecting in Water Camouflaged
A Man With a Hose Joining His Throat to His Mind

View Pastel Set 13

Shooting a Slingshot at a Stage in an Empty Theater
The Unmitting Advantage (plane in three parts middle part can fly backwards)
A Circus Trolly With a Few Cars Broken or In Bad Shape
A Man Surfing on a Wave That Has a Beautiful Face
A Pirate Throwing Hats and Birds at Another Ship in Front of Him
A Small Tiger Walking Into a High Traffic Tiger Intersection

View Pastel Set 12

Scooters Boats and Cars in the Indianapolis 500
Six Small Children Working In Unison To Fill A Large Hockey Player's Equipment
A Two Ferris Wheel Amusement Park Hung Sideways
A Man With a Vision In Front of a Firing Squad
A Man Not Responsible For What His Ear or Tongue Eats (People)
Hi Tech Low Tech (Apple Cow, Worm Cow)

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