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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2020
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 132

A Man Drinking water Pooling on a Woman's Abdomen that she is Drinking with a Straw Also
Window View of Tracks made by old Farm Hand who has Ventured into a Neighbouring Lawn while Mowing
An Australian Aboriginal Definitively flying up out of a crack in a Shoreline of Steaming Mud Flats
Star Trek's Spock a bit Frustrated at having to use a Kid's Toy Tricorder but making do with it Brilliantly
The High Vet Costs of a Cat's Ear Infection Precisely Split Three Ways by Splitting the Cat's Ear
How do you like me now Thief taking Wireless Headset from my Table at Mall saying he Hopes he can Sell it

View Pastel Set 131

A Government Inspector Testing a Mentally Disabled Man for Possible Renewal of his License to use Public Washrooms
Accepting an Invitation from a Woman Nine Years Later and Following Her into her Apartment
A Bird Wing Touching it's Home Ground whenever Surounding Conversations Become Sharp
Too Many Empty Water Bottles Falling at a Man's Feet who was trying to Store them on Shelves
An Inuit Woman Pointing Out how their Bows are Tested During Construction by Pulling their Strings Forward instead of Backwards
A Frightened new Farm Hand who Away Runs from Animals

View Pastel Set 130

A Man Expanding an Instant Pop Up Tent to Demonstrate the Importance of Junk making his Point Perfectly
Walking along Rooftop Railing that Hangs Outwardly at 45 Degrees (the danger of my fatigue plus mental fog attacks)
Hearing Tiny Distant Sound after Fixing Ear with Pliers (asking dream how to receive distant tv channel without any work)
Mute Woman in Hospital Bed after Plastic Surgery with Horific Results hearing Doctor cheerful about Great Success Again
Country Ghosts Clapping and Cheering a Police Officer making love with Two Women he has just Ticketed
A Rolled up Fifty Foot Parcel Securing Bungie Cord far too Long to Ever be of Any Use to Anyone

View Pastel Set 129

Unseen Poor Driver in Dark Car parking Badly scraping Storage Shed probably Due to my Presence
Woman with Face on Carpet and her feet up in the air Calling her company Troop Vacuuming
An Unusually Miserable Crying Toddler Surrounded by Very Concerned Family Members
My Smiling Brother Saying to me That's How he Escapes Instant Talkers too as I Beat Him to a Washroom
An Excited Elderly Mother Discovering a Chocolate Orange in her Coat that her Smart Son hid there to Thrill Her
Two Bottles of Perfume on a Store Gift Counter at Night one Expensive one Economical watching a September Moon

View Pastel Set 128

Man who met Two Lady Friends at Mall by Chance packing up his Backgammon Game as they Part
A Man Looking into a Refrigerator Wondering what he Wants
Dinner Party Hosts welcoming Woman too Shy to Enter with her Boyfriend Shouting GO-IN after waiting Four Seconds
Removing a Rolled up Lottery Ticket somehow badly Tangled up in your Cat's Fur
Shoe of Husband seductively Caressing Shoe of Wife who always Sleeps under their Bed
A Children's Charity Drive Thankyou Ad Cryptically Written using Several Advanced Symbols to make Educated Donators Teary Eyed

View Pastel Set 127

A Laundry Washing Machine with Digital Display saying Seven Friends Suddenly Sorry Out of Order
Man with 3 Shirts on Backwards Peaking out Door Carefully before Leaving his Apartment
Nice Girl with Glasses Visiting a Bad Bar to Volunteer
A Desert Road Construction Site Reading Glasses Dentist Mirror Casino Machine answering my question of How
Ways to Embellishments of Artificial Intelligence (pretend to blow spit ball then remember you're in dance hall)
Woman Gut Punching a Garbage Collection Man who is just Making his Regular Rounds

View Pastel Set 126

A Passive Model on a Catwalk Stage walking Past a Toilet Placed at the Start of the Runway
A Newspaper Relationship Column advising Whenever She is Still Soft
Two Cars Leaving a Repair Garage then Parking in a Nearby Shady Patch of Grass to Celebrate
The Owner of the Apple Computer Company Showing up out of the Blue to help a Woman Start her Car
You Need to Keep that Pyrex Dish for Baking Casseroles if it wasn't Broken I Mean
Two Binge Drinking Women in Love with a Binge Drinking Man they just Noticed fallen on a Sidewalk

View Pastel Set 125

A Bus Zooming Past a Bus Stop Blowing Fast Food Litter up into the Air (thinking about muscle and joint pains)
Office Desk with Model of an Elevated Stainless Steel Lounge Chair Tilting Far Back to Face Sky
Highly Respecting the Stylish Folds in my Brother's Pants as he Explains Something Complex to my Sisters
Man Pushing Phone into his Mouth to Avoid Accepting Call from Woman Beside Him
Square Glass Ash Tray with one Extended Edge for Non Smokers to Move with Purity
A Proud Insert Falling out of your Newspaper that reads Inspiring Ways of Solving problems Everyday

View Pastel Set 124

Must Stop One Doughnut Per Day Goalie (asking dream how to lower blood pressure)
Glass of Water on Bench at Mall with Fresh Glue (asking dream how to lower blood pressure)
We're Going to Need a Long Marriage
Someone with Too Many Grey Hairs Coming out of Their Ear Canal
Bashful Car Mechanic Hiding Secret Screw Driver when Wandering Boy asks What's That (asking dream how to stop an underwater oil rig leak)
Finding Packs of Electric Toothbrush Heads and Water Pick Nozzles Inside the Drawer of a Telephone Stand

View Pastel Set 123

A Virtual Village in a Virtual Valley Irresistible to Exploring Avatars who Fly over it's Crest
A One Thousand Hot Air Balloon Festival with One Collapsed and Falling
Four Bicyclists coming Fast Towards You with One Avoiding You Just in Time
A One Thousand Protester Sit-In for no Reason Really Except to Share Lunches and Relax
A Doctor Wearing a Tuxedo at a Bus Station Measuring the Distances of his Patient From the Walls
A Well Practiced Rabbit Rushing Exactly and Directly Home Leaping in Through a Window

View Pastel Set 122

A Female Convenience Store Employee Gut Punching a Female Jogger who has Gotten Too Close to her Store
Two Opposing Speakers on Modern Wedding Vows back alley smoking Passed by Woman Leaving
A Man with Lips Sealed by a Chain of White Pills Linked
A Man Shovelling Dust from Various Bins of Character Flaws into a Kiln Surprisingly Adding Stealth Today
A Man Angry at a Seated Man for not Filling out a Form that the Seated Man has Read not to in the Fine Print
A Trained Attack Dog and it's Owner following a Paranoid Person too Closely

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