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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2018
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 121

A Birdhouse Jammed in Between a Tree and a Shed Giving it that Broken and Who Cares Motif
A Local Happy Man holding up a Cigarette Butt to show Anyone who Passes (with innocent hope of it being needed someday)
A Pretty Woman made from Folded Paper by an Origami Master
A Toy Happy Face Saying Heal Your Self
A Woman Crouching on the Grassy Slope next to a Sidewalk trying to Make it Crystal Clear to Passing Men that She is Available
Lovely Arms Holding Towel Closely Simultaneously Creating an Opposite LACK of MODESTY Someplace Else

View Pastel Set 120

Having Deeply Cut my Finger Nail by Accident Again when I was Just about to Lay Down with a Woman
Man Crossing Busy Street Seeing a Fast Approaching Car at his Left and a Sadden'd Woman at his Right
A Man Demonstrating to his Friend how Ancient Humans Used One Foot Stone YoYo's to Stop Taxi Wheels
A Roller Coaster with Up's and Down's Shaped Like a Girlfriend
A Voltage Transformer Labeled Often Afraid inside a Modern Electronic Device
Woman Falling Over High Speed Bicycle while Shouting Insults to Local Writer who Doesn't want Anyone to be Hurt

View Pastel Set 119

Saying You're Trying to Look as Much Like Dad as You Can Aren't You to Your Brother Which Makes Him Smile
Pouring a Gallon Jug of Milk Continuously into Bowls of Cereal and Wondering if you've Forgotten how to Stop
A Very Unwise Narrow Street that has Fifteen Foot Snow Banks Looming over One Side
Looking Down at your Foot wearing a Roller-Skate and Hoping you have Another One
A Man Alone in a Field of Blossoming Blue Plastic Masks
Trying to Scare the Devil by Rubbing an Seven Inch Deep Hole into a House Joist with my Toe

View Pastel Set 118

A Metal Man Shaped Weather Vane Holding out Hamburger Meat High atop the Tallest Building of a Village
Smiling Woman Kneeling Alone on Corner of Man's bed with Arms held upward Signalling Touch Down
Mouse With Golden Hair Returning to Steal More Cheese this Time with Help from a Golden Haired Friend
Trying Hard to Move Earth with a Three Directional Three Spaded Shovel
Coffee Shop Girl Cleaning Parking Entrance Vomit at the Feet of Someone Not Liking Fast
Hooded Humourless Woman at Mall Turning enough to see you then Watching you Sideways

View Pastel Set 117

Your Sister's Lifetime Belongings in a Pile at the Mall near a Corner where you Read the Paper Everyday
Dangerously Tightening the Loose Nuts of your 25th Floor Apartment's Unneeded Garage Door with your Toes
A Man Wearing a Half Onion on his Head and a Half Onion on his Arm (asking dream cure for head bumps)
Hospital Ward Patients all Riding Tricycles in Single File Going Somewhere Sweet
The Shy Dog that Always Hides Behind the Refrigerator
A Parliament Protester who Dances like Michael Jackson even though No one ever Gathers to Watch

View Pastel Set 116

Opening your Matter to Energy Conversion Storage Closet and Seeing Nothing is Eerie Every Time
Man Climbing Ladder Above Woman Spilling his Modelling Career Portfolio and Makeup on Her
Woman in Highchair beside Bed folding Waxpaper (asking dream for simple way to beat swine flu if I get it)
Finding the Computer you left on a Bus two Weeks ago Still there that you Intended to bring to your Sister
Germ Free Two Second Imaginary Keyboard Typing Salutation (asking dream for new era replacement to handshaking)
A Retired Mother Holding a Broom in her new Sunshine Clean Dream Home and Pausing to Smile

View Pastel Set 115

A Two Hundred Foot Yacht Passing Through the Contemplation of a City River
Like a Photocopy of an Important Manual
Two Women Sharing one Airplane Bathroom Stall Becoming Friends While Freshening
Tea Drinking Man in a Cramped Room Looking Through a Christmas Wreath
Woman at Bar Striking Bartender with Large Pan of Meatballs Every Time He says Something Wrong
Woman Leaving Bar Noticing Gold Plated Door Step I Put there While She was Inside

View Pastel Set 114

A Man Dusting a Woman's home and Asking her if he has Left Anything out of Place
The Electric Razor with Electric Jolt
Like Batting Practice Watching Lovers Leave
What Second Life Means to Me
Man and Woman Courting on Ship Deck (and then as he talked)
A Woman and her Poodle on an Exercise Treadmill

View Pastel Set 113

Pretty Woman Searching Party for that Weak Man so She can Enjoy Kicking his Backside Again
A Pretty Woman who Enjoys Selling Parrots in Public Squares but Drops One to Step on Every Twenty Minutes
The Joy of Finding the Grocery Store Sells the only Ten Things you Eat in Kit Form
Dining Male Hand Softly Clinking Empty Glass Urgently Hoping for More Moistness
Large Texan Hand at Edge of Unknown Canyon River Ready for Handshake saying Now That's a Gamble
Noticing a Wire Going into your elbow and Suspecting it Probably Powers your Life

View Pastel Set 112

Everyone Rides a Right to Earth (three environment lovers riding new trundle wheel scooters)
Man with Round Mouth who Thinks he Looks Stupid if he Talks wearing a Nylon Stocking over his Head
A Too Friendly Man Keeping his Long Hair in the Corner of his Mouth whenever he Talks too Much
Man and Woman Making Love at a Garbage Dump as they Take a Break From Scavenging
A Goodbye to Real World Customers hit by Six Lane Highway Traffic as they Attempt to Enter Very Truly Roadside Stores
A Bicycle Wheel Made of Zippered Denim that Continuously Zippers Closed Automatically by Riding

View Pastel Set 111

Entrepreneur Quickly Moving Ten Segway Scooters across Street Traffic Hourly to greet Tourist Arrivals
A Man's Hands Wrapping Plasticine around Communication Wires
Four Outhouses on Warming River Ice with one Falling Through if Controlled by Quiet Sadness
Youth Gang Ominously asking Very Lost Pedestrian Are You Having Trouble Choking to Death
Masked Son Looking Down Through Many Holes Shouting Dirty Birds as his Mother Watches
A Deep Thinking Man Retrieving a Traffic Obstructing Stool Dropping from a Street with his Mouth

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