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The 66 Paintings of Poster 2016
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Pastels 12 by 18 inches

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View Pastel Set 110

Light Watching the Wind trying to Silence a Wind Chime
Woman giving her new Boyfriend medicine while saying Thankyou for Trying Me Vinnie
A Bicycle Path Worn into the Grassy side of a Vastly Long Ridge by those who have lead Focused Lives
Two Elderly Women Clashing their Personal Wireframe Grocery Carts and then Laughing Friendly
Taxidermied Bat Displayed Flat as Cure for Bed Bugs (asking dream for simple bed bugs cure to help mankind not me)
A Mattress in a Garden Amongst many Hedges and Flowers

View Pastel Set 109

Very Close View of a Shirt with Loose Threads Fraying from two Buttons (too much stress)
A small store named "Net Exhibits" in a quiet Shopping Mall
Womankind Pointing at Wooden Evolution of Man Model explaining why Things are Expensive
Female Dog Brimming with Pride after Karate Spin Punching Her Male Dog Dining Date
Distraught Woman Pointing Toy Gun at Pedestrian Viewed from an Actionless Mind
A Gentle Man Resting on a Grassy Mountain Side with Friends

View Pastel Set 108

A Five by Three Foot TV Dinner with Sixty Compartments Holding an Unusually Healthy Variety of Foods
Woman with Ten Children and Man with Ten Children Parting Ways after Agreeing to Disagree
Two White One Person Economy Cars Parked Long Term at Mall in Single Spot Being Equal
Simplistic Drawing of shy Pony filled with Simplistic Drawings of World Famous Historical Ponies
Daughter Lying Face Down in Garden Head under Bench Mother Talking Cheerfully to Her Sitting
A Woman with a Thirty Foot Long Dress Visiting an Art Gallery View From Fifty Feet Behind

View Pastel Set 107

A Man in his Super Tech Chair with his Loyal Webcam at his Side Facing Same Way
A Man and A Woman Kissing with one Lit Cigarette in their Mouths with no Way to Know who's Burning
A Man Repeatedly Dipping a Crystal Rose into a Toxic Environment called a Car Exhaust Pipe
A Cat Enjoying Being Carried in a Kitchen Juice Jug like a Briefcase with Only its Face at the Opening
Nude Woman Holding Large Poster Showing Ugliness of Man to Patrons of a Restaurant Terrace
Rap Singer Hired to Draw Attention to Intricate Glass Trinkets in a Museum Gift Shop Window

View Pastel Set 106

Neighborhood Women asking a Quiet Man to Remove the Chair from the Front of his House
Nothing on a Train Track Built for Delivering Future Flowers Shaped how a Rose Could Be (particle rides)
Pickup Truck with Rotating Sphere of Belongings at a Loading Dock (so you realize it's a cloud)
Nude Very Distant Perfect Woman on Quiet Beach Walking Away with Pubic Hair on Wrong Side
A Verticaly Flat Tree Suitored by a Verticaly Flat Square and Four Tall Boxes
Winding Mountain Road Passing One Mile Deep Pit with Road Circling Down to Center

View Pastel Set 105

Two Sexy Women Both Holding Cell Phone Microphones Out Away from Their Mouths
A Large Toy House Next to a Man Proudly Telling a Woman that He's Building a Platform in There
A Broom Handle Suddenly and Powerfully Pushed Through a Door to You by a Crazy Person Being Courteous
A Complexly Folded Box of Doughnuts with a Paper Pistol Included
Two Computer Users with their Head Tops Warping Towards a Laptop with Frightenly Obsessed Looks
A Woman Walking Away with a Brand Patch on Her Jeans that says Made to Laugh

View Pastel Set 104

Chain Reaction Machine on Pool Table Causing Man to Imagine Karma and Woman to Imagine Finances
Person on Toboggan Making Silence Foot Above Train Track During Moments after Hitting Snow Bumps
A Front End Earth Loader Strangely unable to Lift it's own Front Wheels onto a Transport Flat
Holding an Important Engine Part of your own Vehicle Above Six Military Vehicles on a Beach Conferencing
Lifting and Lowering very Soft Soft Drink Bottles into Short Barrel of Water with Repetition
An Ancient Roman S Shaped Street with one of the Houses Shaped Like a Roman Guard

View Pastel Set 103

Sleepwalking Woman in White Tee-Shirt Rushing to Unlock a Car Door
Shelves of Products in Famous Department Store Viewed from Mid Air and Above it all Looking Down
A New Glass Wall Bus Shelter at my Mall with Five Dancers Trying to Move it at Night
Stranger with Concealed Face Wearing a Large Winter Parka asking me Twice if I Own a Mac
Man Throwing a Loaf of Bread in a Basket from his Balcony so it Lands on a Sidewalk and no Farther
Two Chatting Scooter Riders in a Parking Lot of Scooters up Against a Wall in a Desert

View Pastel Set 102

A Private Yacht in mid air with a Large odd Triangular Rudder
A Canvass Sac Filled with Belongings Being Super Slowly Lifted up from a Sidewalk at Night
Woman in White and Undefined Furniture Repeated Below with as Little Difference as Possible
Man In Washroom Hearing Anger from Other Side of Door Moving Door to Other Wall While Seated
A Female Fashion Industry Expert Pointing out Various Elements in Photos of Models with a Pencil
Apologetic Girl Backing up and Turning Around Fast Covering Laughter with Two Hands

View Pastel Set 101

Two Smiling Women Talking Privately about Something that must be Obviously Pleasant
Convoy of 500 Homemade Vehicles Beginning Journey with Eager Oddball Designs Leaping to Death at Start
A Woman Talking Proudly about her New Black Dining Table
A Man Hearing the Two Beers he Buys each Year Clinking Under his Pillow
A Portrait I Painted of Myself with Some of my Siblings where for some reason I'm a Ball of Meat
A D-list Hollywood Actor Retrieving a Pizza he Hid Under a Bleacher During Filming Breaks

View Pastel Set 100

A Puppet Show being Viewed from Inside a Man's Arm
Ace Real-estate Agent Showing off Dining Room Sun Door Ease while Outside Secret Strings Aid True Difficulty
Three Visions in a Row of Adding Sauerkraut to my Diet (asking dream to show a simple cure for my head bumps)
PC Staring Fascinated at a Walnut Sized Sponge in a Three Foot Tent During Staging Adjustments
A Man Sitting on a Ledge Against a Vast Number of Mail Boxes of Unknown Architectural Limits
A Woman Removing Her Super Hero Mask while Alone for a few Minutes so she can try and Relax

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