Here HIGH-res jpg scans 5140 by 3855 (19.8 mega pixels)
can be purchaced and downloaded from

$25.05 US each for Personal Photo Licence.

$25.05 US each for Commercial Photo Licence.

They are HIGH-res scans downloads only.
I don't sell photo prints. But with these higress scan you can print your own somewhere.

Click the following button to goto my account.
go to the dot photo web site where you can buy my scan downloads

All the jpg's are 5140 by 3855 (19.8 mega pixels).
Here is an cropped sample of the the exact pixels you would be paying for.
It looks like this because I run all my pastel paintings through a vectorization app
to get the high res. And also I kind of like the illustration effect it gives.

closeup sample of pixels you would be paying for

Which is the head of the eel from the following painting.
Electric Eel Resting on Shoulder of Horse Both Lying Down with Fallen Wire Across Them

I also welcome use of my art for the quick stock photography needs of newspapers stories etc.

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Happiness just like bliss.
Always lagged behind.
Forging ahead the will led.
But the pausing heart knew pine.
Said the fiddle to the violin.
I love it when they break my strings.
Said the violin to the fiddle.
I cry when their silence sings.

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