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Bachelor steering his home staircase.
By adjusting two folded blankets.
A few degrees beside.
Before his visitor arrives.

We are searches. We are movements to a sea.
We are bone carriers inside out for only tea.
We almost hear things in such vivid lives unheard.
Dreaming silently there are helicopters in our words.

How do scopes work? By atom-dwellers Lurking: why?
So I can tell you about myself. Perhaps you can
tell me about yourself. There's something about the
streets that makes the eyes and ears stop working-fine.

It's quiet for Christmas. Or any chance of proving it.
Give us "all" about half a second. Roger what
are you thinking without? How cats get-going
about. I just didn't know it would be this amount.

Only just one lobster Captain.
But it's holding a 58 Terabyte.
Should we throw it's thumb drive back?
Or Arts'-Appetite?

No responses yet. Why even have a task force net?
Not baffling anyone the yellow pages check.
Excuse me sir. Are there "pascals" on your lake?
Do boats ever mess things up? Why merry me so late?

So what did they use? I do not know.
Where does all, their energy go?
Elevators rising. So I guess it's getting hot.
Is their pond still there: surprise me not.

Do "they look" crazy? Do they "don" the stars.
They'll use up all their guarded sums.
Because all their metal chairs: never faulted trees.
And why I ran back to my house: hiding under-me?

There they are. Things are going to change.
The party had an-overnight. Sitting so I have dreams.
Of me backing up: so wrongly to your poise.
Such a beautiful: way to make a noise.

Could that affect the waking sky.
That's everything: I can remember of concur.
That I might have a chest that works.
With a marriage-reception-blur.

There's always trouble. Now that's a nomad light.
Before you slow your brain down. Peace and night.
It's so easy. People are so lonely, as art officials.
How did you forget your wife, Mister Lobster Life?

Whenever you count to three, you end up lying. What's
that? What do you have to say? Yarr-wonder in your
stealth, is your "curious" fat-free? Or too aggressive?
Artist Emily, please speak-until "two to me."

I love family. They seem to rest better. And they
seem to have perfect words. Like who likes the wine? For
whom do the nuts crunch-too? And what are their songs?
Tell me, does a glass of their mystery punch-you?

Expect a call at twelve pm.
On the crumpled newspaper phone.
Can you make a transmitter? Watch
the next boxing-match At The Stone.

I've seen you ten-thousand times now.
Even though there-are too many words here.
I've heard first-men think too-much one-rhyme.
If this is love: let's-play catch with sunshine.

I didn't know everyone was trying to be.
Taller than you. I didn't know it happened.
Or that every day is an event. Is that the sainte:
of quarantine. The inoculated ladies decant.

Now imagine Lault is a lucky guy.
That summer agrees and doesn't mess with shy.
You're up. Lots of letters. And cover your toes.
Keep your camera style in the wrong suppose.

What-you're going to do now.
Is put-behind your back your-hands.
That's right. One-hell hand. One-heaven hand.
You're-the kind of patient I can understand.

I'm going to give you some respect. But
let's find another word for due. One that is
exactly your button. Let's rest a little here.
The way diesel wants a change of view.

Maybe, oh it's so exciting!
By falling: I'll show how it happens free.
All those generators walking about.
What is it: it's anger at the setting sea?

A lot of things have happened.
Have you ever Had a shot at star-day?
No, I don't mean French Toast in the city.
I mean, going out there on a gigabyte highway.

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If you just want to see the best of the best goto the ranking-ladder instead.

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