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To the sound of traffic. What's in that gift?
I'm just doing my job. To heck you were.
Get lost. But a man should invest in no fence.
Gingerly wrapped. It's a perfect world for her.

The phone Michelle? Margaret phone me?
I am Vogued within the dark-without.
Is there an easier way to command employees?
Well there's always a depth of eyes remote.

The greatest team in the world, nobody
ever chooses. Ok, we will send it back for training.
Is that a wrench it's using? We will need its help.
Again and again. Hooray-Tuesdays!

Not the lucky ones. Outside not afraid.
Only half to meet you. In the rain.
With Noah's message. Lighting up only half the road.
This nation's pleasure. Will be worth the hold.

Anywhere there are nets.
There are viruses and left hands too.
The motors are stopping. Crazy, isn't it.
Who's who?

It's like going to church. It's for peace, he said.
Ok, just put it down, where we keep the silly-floored.
I see your nurse shoes are very fluffy?
I'm healthy too because of what I've stored.

Turn around, fast enough to avoid the Needle.
The way the Racoon, looks right at the noodle.
Some things, only need a sillier name.
The way no one is ever afraid of the Woodle.

It crushed her baby. How did you know?
Insight makes the playground numb.
He's very smart "because bad breath has all rights."
Where the harem has played, I don't need to be young.

It makes a bridge feel down. And in other
ways full of currency. I'm tired of people
showing their powers. But staying idle; now that's
music. Like ears trusting subtle cue tips.

That's going to move our budget a bit.
All of us slow, slow, slow.
Let me at it then. Sharks inside sharks?
It's something. I'm feeling it pro.

Accepting him. Man, how they went gap.
Happy for crazy sake, they just don't need him.
And what a mess. Left unsure UFOs can fly.
He's gone. One, two, three, four, five.

Marbles meet? What do you mean?
Ok, guys, we're going to the store. I am
so ashamed they don't deliver. You have
made me so sad; I am young forever.

This is an observation. The wind is where she stars.
What is that hissing thing on her arm.
Nothing to worry about. We're in the darkness now.
He fell asleep. Please wake him "alarm".

There's lots of luck up there.  Here's your stop.
Remember action is a silly shop.
After almost two months, of opposite-shifting.
There's one guiding star but two garbage dumps.

People stepping backwards.
To let roll of newspaper climb.
Woman locking apartment door.
For unusual length of time.

At least an orchard. Seems to be admired.
A single Buckyball. A single man retired.
How many reasons does he need to hear.
We've reached the store. Is this enough, my dear.

Put the caps on soon and make it rain not end.
Spin it around your head.
Over and over again, remember what they said.
A car is your friend.

Begin by being dead and be over fifty.
Start carrying your bicycle null.
And force ideas more like that.
Some unknown. Some scope-full.

Chest pains super hot.
What the hell was that?
Head trauma, where do you port?
Storm's a-coming. Come here and fort.

There will be a bridge tomorrow.
As sexy passes the butter.
Elope with her mother nature.
Be glad as-tell you love her.

Under a brighter towel under better-places I've
seen. What if suddenly afraid of their bootstraps,
were words you-helped set free? And  If they
live through winter-well. Could they also live for me?

Jump on your socks and touch me opposite.
Be scientist-minded. And you'll need two trucks.
Two trucks! I have had it. Then no Sundaes for you.
No no! Ok, whatever it takes to enjoy your tea-for two.

I'm going for a swim.
That is not protected from us anymore.
Is that it's lighthouse? i like that.
Times per day times four.

I am not pursuing that rubber that hits the road.
But I'm kind of sad, that Umbrella is your name.
And that's the end of that if the Dutch eat breakfast.
If I fall. You'll be the best. And as first as rain.

Talk Tuseday. There will be a party here at the docks.
Why are you moving? You enjoy me the most.
Come and party. Do you like butter? Well, I tried.
Must be because we don't have any doomsday clocks.

What kind of area mixes fascination with low tide?
And then begins to nose good.
Sometimes you need an ocean that dries.
Is this his method called Rosewood?

I don't know why I fell on a spider.
Upon the face of a brother's file.
Do not push it, female. Just turn off its bout.
As if I was sainted. Look at it, as a doubt.

I like second chances. And I've got a whole
lot of it, for rotten doors. Can't you hear me!
Dark glasses on! And for how many! Ok, everyone
has a job. Cleaning "all that's behind" each sure.

I would want a friend. Or an entire nation. Joyful
four hundred and nineteen. Wow, I would enjoy
one for an hour. Are we shopping because so very
few might have one? A clear-idioms sanity shower.

I've only seen it in one plant. Time-travelling within the bog.
A tiny thing is my heaven. Lifting an offer to my mind.
A joke doesn't see it. Insurance doesn't see it.
But still "I fall in love". Because of mysteries within her log.

In Alaska. Do they ever thosle? Or whatever
they say to ability. Would you like to kiss?
And rate the "pulse" of wish? Who wrote that
eye searcher out! Man that I am. I doubt.

A desolate space between
walls. A woman lives in when
not at the mall. Who Thought
no-one would ever-notice at all?

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If you just want to see the best of the best goto the ranking-ladder instead.

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