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I don't answer with any fancy eyesight.
Just-with nine looks-up at stars.
Would that be so terrible.
That thoughts, of time, are rhetorical.

Jane, I've already assigned them.
There's a terrible boat outside.
Have there been any attorneys today?
Bring in the Pie! A doozy persuader, per say.

Focus on reruns and enhancing companions.
The price is-her rain's sunshine.
Here I have a doodle. Is that enough for dinner?
It's barely readable, but yes, you can dry outside.

A weekend for two, and five documents. Sir,
Quebec is in your office. You'll need two ladies.
Perhaps one will do. Or I can frighten my
face, with a pie. To look a bit better to you.

If they stopped peeking, (thirty-foot tall women).
Into third-floor windows blue.
Lonely men would never contain their beliefs.
Or entertain a breeze, how meadows do.

She mossed it. Like hearts in the snow.
Not upset, or calm thrown. That's me in her turpentine.
To therein her rain. You can see in her paintings.
My wallet is gone. Twenty-five petals for the bus, pawned.

It's almost a death match, in the saucy stuff.
Amy, you have a son. It hit me back, to save the oasis.
Is there any other way, a queen can be served.
Well, I've heard of rice rising, other side of words.

One drone flying.
Over a grave.
One earth rotating.
Under its phase.

Ok boys: Alarm what we already know.
All the wishes from childhood: stand and win.
They said they were moving, to Exactly, Exactly.
311: We are kind of hitched and thin.

I almost understand: How to sell a shirt.
Cave paintings: Whenever mankind is moaning.
I have two patterns on file: Rest really hard.
And: Repair a truck by morning.

Courtesy is my soft tomorrow.
Bang eardrum, and it's gone. I only need
to sit like a zombie. Goodnight candle.
Sleep is the light of song.

It's that time, in the storm again.
When I wish-my brothers, we're around.
With their great success-in their success.
I accepted their tip. But no-one nailed it down.

There is always new-technology: Can't stop me.
I cried on these-occasions: Please help me.
I threw it only to who-it-concerned: No rocks.
With such a little-juxtaposed: Now water fills with socks.

A new father in the rain.
With his forehead on his hands leaning.
Into open window crying so sadly.
Is this really fair elderly-cair?

Do you do this any other way? Yes, we call it
"the different-action alone." We'll need all your
letters and all your documents. Then I'm sure he'll
look all under work-desks for what he lost by letting go.

The old caution was right.
Only quantum computers will know.
So stay-away safely from the road.
This is Tide-Business now, row on row.

You are listening to Thoughts Across the Brain.
With Rosy Chickenpox at ninety-seven.
No traffic on the Eye-Tablet.
And who's your hero, after Chapter Eleven.

I can't believe in Relationships.
Mankind put into the great-cloud of stoic.
Well then stop rhyming about it.
His quantum computer rhymed through poet.

Do you see the tails where the birds are?
Wash your muscles in-case of shuffling.
I feel so-helpless I have cleaning equipment.
And all they-have is ruffling.

Of all the anagrams that bother-me.
Part-two never unfurls into love-your-self.
As much as green growing in all-gardens.
Would anagram to each button-mouse.

It's a process called.
Sunglasses get-to the closer spots.
That's good enough for me. Are you ready.
Adjust the "dream smarter clocks".

And all the caves made tonight.
Have deployed their mounds.
By ufo with three levels.
Lowering itself into ground.

That's Bike's Original Sauce. Don't do that.
Money has spilled all over the stovetop there.
I guess I'm here was not enough.
I've got to get up from chair.

It's all right Mom. There you go. Yes, you are a riot
of the sand I know. Like yellow suns have reasurance.
I'll pick it up. That's why there are cars not servents.
Where there's a cloud of dust: Observance.

Bust me into your car.
I saw too many cameras out there.
I would like to make one request though.
You should name all the shadows in here.

I don't know why my feet are so touching.
But by Monday they should forget about me.
Both of you, it's time to forget about ourselves.
And bank card, I would be surprised if you even had a fee.

I see you, inspector. Like your eyes had work now done.
Like fake fathers. Like Xavier. That were never meant to be.
There is one up here. Where somehow the glass got broken.
Not by chance, you could become accustomed to me.

Please home-base every single toe.
As often as luck and dance can slow.
Then make a raven for Aragon please. And then
also sing two martins. So this cat can go.

It's kind of funny "of the morning dew".
To want to play anymore. Absolutely not there's
air in his eyes. If-that sounds precious:
Kitchen-drain and only pour.

Come on. Who's going to eat a person.
Radial numbers. I understand.
Ashtrays emptied. Dishes up.
If you decide it's fake, try sand.

Does anyone hear my song?
Has it happened-somehow pastel grey?
Can it carry a tune of old milk cartons?
A progress, I noticed right away.

Running is time. And the song has been listening.
Look away, and it'll show you a house.
I can only see-time-best when I only-see-yes.
Window air. Please draft me into a best man's health.

That's a short thing. Is that a Mr. Fence?
Yes. Do you see how all the spokes have noticed a kiss?
Like how we're in a cage but not in a cage.
We can make a progress per moment through this.

Toxic gadget battery to face-pimple.
Surprisingly slipping under skin.
Wondering how to remove it.
Discovering gentle pinching wins.

There's no discussion worth design.
No blossom worth-indigo. "I'm tired."
Tired of days, "hidden within the field".
Where bread dough watches us become unreal.

I was thinking after we're, done here?
Why do you do this plea?
Well once when I stood, against a tree.
It told me night-repairs are not for me.

Astronaut on planet.
That has just one tree.
With hockey players guarding.
Path to "work" place coffee.

Embostic Red, before it opens?
My wishes? I can't even say them, Dear.
Coffees, please. But only if he wants them.
And cream matching the hunger up here.

I'll stay awake.
Until "Nufy Nothins" arrives by car.
Singing her love of my absenteeism.
Until every "dog" get's to names a star.

Can you give him your shoes?
And then tell us it's wonderous colour?
But is he even going to make it?
Can he still kick the steamboat rudder?

A bird living inside a pipe.
Undiscovered inside a ship.
Heard sometimes tapping metal.
And sometimes singing lists.

Life and the world is powered by rhyme.
In free other words, powered by copy-will.
Even non-poets being ninety percent original.
Will close with the world's best reciprocal.

Wow, it must be lightning fast.
Is it anything I could long for?
I'll look around on the floor, but I don't see it.
Are you sure it has a rhyme-core?

Does it-seem like a show Ma'am?
Maybe we're over here asleep.
Unlike the pudding in the camera.
Just how should-the numbers leak?

Pen your wine markers everyone. Someone had
a stroke. Possibly attracted to someone beautiful.
Let's liver a toast toward that affliction.
But please Not Now! Don't Joke!

The Yummy, Yummy. Hard to find.
Everywhere there's muck. Intensify training
your personality. Considering it's on your back
always. Within-rain there's always give a cup.

Ever since there's been A or B.
Feral actors have, tried to be too hat.
Wearing the insane, parts of a drain.
Why do we hear clangs like that?

A grown man running away.
From the safety of his prefabulous.
At night wearing a glowing white suit.
Making him feel obvious.

We better get some water, I guess.
And Instead of bragging, hope.
Anything comfortable, maybe.
Bigger ice cream. Bigger moat.

And whip those sentences.
That you can't help-escape her dash.
And has she finished taking all your zeros.
Intelligence-spider running fast.

Apartment desk sitter with flute on balcony.
Playing only five notes once per week.
Heard by an apartment desk sitter wishing.
She could also deep.

After weeks of going has the egg hatched?
Are you sure that she is now-pretty?
Is the fistful of freebies she-cannot pass up,
now-warm as that clock is silly?

Well, how about it? Want to show me that movie stuff?
Seen as the horizon is now a dreadful investment.
Can I be your serial girl?
Since our watches are flashing "no estimate".

I haven't seen any restraints yet. Get loud?
What should I do, if I've been finger marked?
Cool Aid and watch the DJ play line dances.
But hang on, this is her best storm; Finances.

Must we "really" share a garden?
I have seen you at each party.
I'm "likely" to start things very slowly.
And "sadly" then become only Arty.

They are in danger, like a carton of Honeyrose.
With excuses, excuses. In every hose.
While I live life, at the speed of sewer.
Never late Sloth. I believe your heart was truer.

What is the Apple credit card?
To you as secretary, to the meme.
Oh, I get it. You're joking, right?
It's the last button on the screen.

Yes, that might be a way to save her.
Being on that show.
They all catcalled for crotch shots.
I guess no stomach will ever be an action pro.

A very well rested frog on a rock.
Who has never needed to look upward.
Studying mysteries of the brook he is reading.
Kind of like feeding supper.

Why are there no cars here?
Am I facedown because of my tune?
Why are frogs, never lonely?
And why are there lakes on my moon?

Why are there "pressures" to try for?
Why do clouds seem like concrete blocks?
And why does it rain every Saturday?
Is it because-sometimes I'm a rock?

Yes seeing is another problem.
The open-air keeps talking with combat-range.
So I'm sending you a pen. Did you receive it?
Yes left to right. It moves that way.

Have you lost your mind? We're not done yet!
Gobble Gobble. Oh, the authority in there.
Making random moments like "now-just-march".
Two turkeys telling me what to do so smart.

Why is it that, the brain knows right away?
A normal-flag says everyone dates you.
You're lying. Just not Winnie the Pooh. His mouse is
his surgeon. Turn up the lights at table two.

A woman permanently under care.
In a psychiatric ward.
Because she sees her employer's vision.
She's a woman I've never bored.

The only thing youth need to know about atoms.
They can learn best from the sandbox averages.
Building everything with all their and heart and soul.
And borrowing forever from the untoned adages.

Basically within five minutes.
I'm this excited, about sand.
And then I hear it, "five blocks London".
Her "washing machine" cursing man.

Make sure you take your mind off the computer.
A zero command no one can understand.
Then find a jerk, that you like. And tell us about it's boot.
And how it's "math-dreams end up." Hidden in the mute.

Too soft. And too brave. As dried up sand.
Her first novel; Is Rain as Coat as Date?
It seems whenever she's done, talking with me.
Nothing ever, comes from where I wait.

With no choices. Some stairs are like that.
Don't raise your hand. And don't watch your back.
There is "a ventriloquist" re-darkening our seas.
Are you nervous? Why should we be?

In Scotland Yard, the bellies grow.
Making taxis, go by go.
Within the cards, sorry fast.
The tongue waves, spitting cash.

Frankie? That means we have to sell it.
With some vitamins, and some dad.
It has just had some heavenly use.
And falls so soft in their plans.

Where did that go? Oh my God, he's here.
And she went, Uh Oh Who's that? Is that Will?
And is that a Twist, bending around him?
Maybe he wants that filled.

That man has Jack. Stuck in him like a knife.
And that was just one card.
Let's see, if the card fits. Bear-wolf, Cancer-door.
Nope. Can't-serve him anymore.

I have forbid her number. It's ash cloud fifty-nine.
After that, even if the rain gets soaked.
I'll have eight miles in a tiny shop.
Goodbye Beverly. This "old man mopped".

That's not going to work.
Do you have any thoughts "on this dew"?
No. Time was very much too nice "this time".
That's why you can sing the choice "like you do".

Lovely sadness becomes I imagine.
Reasoning after "dark".
Remarking-something short and bright.
Friendly-objective: interesting "Art".

A toast to the dance of garbage.
Reaching high to the sun serving tea.
Here's what the sun heard sounding.
"I'll share it with anybody else but me".

Man in egg shaped chair.
Lowering by thread, to the average.
And recording the audio and imagery.
Of his cavern age.

Selling, non-violence. Chalk doesn't lend itself.
Hey, this "place" is made of cake.
An entire month they wouldn't do it. Get them out of here.
She dropped "Sweetwater Lake".

Seven years. And all that in a tube.
Very valuable. It tests so negative.
Come in and wash your hands.
Maybe you're supposed to like such mood.

Have you got a name?
Like the faults of every chemical.
Because they might slide away sometimes.
You brought me all your art for medical.

Signs before forces. Just like a duck.
Collides with every step.
I love thin documents. And dark hills.
They have refunds for ties unkempt.

I never bought her lovely curse.
In love with retro wrong.
To make my boyhood function right.
Collapse everything I think with fond.

Are you making fun? Hearing what I hear?
Why are you being kind to me? Is this Marshmallow year?
Hey, weeping willow tree. Always my favorite "hiding" state.
Health, fire, and safety. I have to be that date.

This year has been "here" for a "long stench".
How do you climb a stream?
I can look around a bit "if you like".
This floor above? There seems to be a window dream.

An old hat. Ask you're buddy, if the wind is back.
Yes, ninety percent. Roger, she's here.
Your lines of trusting, in each drawing.
While faking it, "candidly" fold its flap.

If I trust the Tv guide. You are from the south.
And dogs eat dogs in space.
Come on over here Great Physics.
Fast in my room. I broke the "ladder" race.

Send me a stretchable bottle.
It might do some dummy-damage.
What changes the "available" year?
What no research. I'm out of here.

For the next Texico season.
A mother is hard to find.
Forms will "form" the great Olympics.
Oh my god tear tier.

Concentration, I'm your father.
Such food fills up in here.
You are "roped" as once-was I.
Have faith. Inner-slopes are wise.

Lock these keys out.
They are training me on how to march.
Bereft of haven.
Even light's too dark.

Behind the even days. Therein hides the ghost.
Desperate, and needing only hope.
Torn and "stuck" thereby death.
Only "harp" strings "slight" suspect.

The best "night" of my life.
The splendor of no roads.
I only stopped for "river" one.
All thoughts, you're on your own.

Cruelty. I'm so all horses.
This dessert, is all my tabs.
Mimi, please read this "sign" to me.
Dear Robert. I gift "all odes" you've cast.

Man angry too much belittling. Makes his baseball too small.
Enough to slip through each-morning. A batting cage linked-wall.
Man waking up needing. To roll out of harm's way.
From traffic until full-body bandages. Fall off for that day.

How are we going to enjoy it. a perfect river.
The difference between through it and cleaned.
You name the spot and i'll be there for you.
Hey there's a fire truck behind you (i've dreamed).

Now there's an art gallery.
Showing painted fish.
And a driverless 25 year old caught for shying.
He's getting one anyway, instruction-less.

But the hug is unattainable.
To make a long story least.
For filling up the things with tears.
Who volunteers bequeath.

He's got the classic symptoms. That's interesting.
Remember the armies? It's for those that "sans" salute you.
I've tried to help him. But where's his mission mark? His goal?
You-are tons of lady come dance. He's sensitive tree cold.

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