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(14 quatrains not put on the poster or the ladder so they are only here, top and bottom bottom quatrain not new)

As the teeth of an angry person,
goes together and then moves apart.
Three eye blinks owned by oceans,
also knew light and dark.

Man Diligently trying to Help a Jug of Fresh Milk,
learn to Fly using lifting wires and running Starts...
Negotiation Man with Stage Fright before Sofa,
of Siblings Act one Super Spider Act two Super Muscle "Hearts".

Retrieving a First Girlfriend from Throat of Dangerous Snake,
using two Fingers so Slowly to avoid Fangs...
Man nearing plastic Barbie Doll,
named "Qwekey" at Picnic Table where Acid Reflux pains.

Mid career Actress at Night to Prove Point rushes out,
to Sidewalk whispers "Fifty" stops City Bus by Whistling...
A Wimpy Actor hiding behind Toilet kicking away Scary Prop,
saying "I'm sorry that's not what I signed up For historian".

An upright Cat chained to an upright Vacuum Cleaner,
asking no one again if he can go Outside...
Holding a Cat who has Bizarrely Contorted himself,
into a Ball as a Protest to extra long Hugs and pride.

Man quickly tidying Table of Maps saying "No You can't help Me",
to arriving Man, who Heard he was Needed...
Discovering that Headache Pills are-Magnetic,
and Stick together and to Coins untreated.

Man in Garage Waking up Next to Rags with harsh Fumes,
A Teenager showing an-Invention...
Filling up a Car Floor Mat with water,
from a Kitchen Tap before filling out a Census Form without intention.

Man in Reclining Leather Chair in Farmer's Field,
watching Golf Games happening around Him Cavern...
Old Man amongst Christmas Tree Gifts hovering,
in Box called Angela Five Dickinson Wait as stand-in.

Man Background Woman Foreground Holding Viewer's Shoulder,
asking You Know it's all Circular Right...
Deadpan Woman opening Refrigerator Door,
pointing at Hamburger Meat saying "that-there" at that height.

Zippered Roads of a City being a Man's Eye Shield.
and an Elephant's Hole Trap oh so horrible...
Call girl in training after her first lesson,
telling teaching call Girl "That was so adorable!".

Man's Hands Presenting three joined Partial Egg Cartons,
with a Drinking Straw at the End unfindable...
An Aunt rushing into her Parlor passing you a Puppy.
saying your Uncle's Last Will said you would take care of Dynamo.

Puppet playing Flute for watching Woman,
tapping side of Flute twice Implying-Innuendo...
A Cat that Grew up in a Litter of Dogs,
so it Barks and Wags its tail Fast but undependable.

Small Woman watching Large Dinner Plate,
at Center of Exponential Spread of Dark Dots peaking...
Meekly showing someone a Painting of their Hug brand
cigarette rolling papers on a table without Speaking.

A Man Rinsing his Arm Daily,
in a "Tube" of Water of Urgent Studies...
Man Suspended by Engine Hoist above Front Lawn Tree.
put up there by his Buddies.

There it goes, pure guidance!
Avalanche talking snow.
Heavenly made, pure science.
Rocketing all we know.

(12 quatrains not put on the poster or the ladder so they are only here, top and bottom bottom quatrain not new)

The world nears all her cusps untold,
and steers by her rudder rot.
Rhyming nothing quite so old,
as the tiny private thought.

Lawn grub coated with salt standing on snowy mountain,
wondering what it all means.
A dreamed Webpage for something called wonder-io,
and Input output Teams.

Two Friends about to take Crane Lift ride,
at an under-funded countyfair.
Farm Tractor with one Wheel higher than ego,
being driven backwards by sleepless care.

Applying some Medication below a Cat's Right Eye,
and having no Memory of its purpose or Who.
Entering an Art Gallery near Male and Female Browsing,
and Shielding Eyes and figuring out what to do.

An Improvised Worshipping Idol left by someone Lost,
in this Complex Transit System Like Me.
Man Standing at Workbench with Hands Embedded,
who Can Never Work or Leave.

Demonstrating TV Clown holding Plastic Cup,
up against a Five inch Eye Ball's silence.
A Hollywood Makeup Student Delighted to Tears,
that Her Friend has brought her a very first Client.

Any world that can cast slow shadows,
upon my flesh feels wise.
And all I need to do to choose one,
is reveal my morning eyes.

(15 quatrains that were to big to fit on the poster or the ladder so they are only here)

My aunt introducing me to a friend of her daughter's,
who strives to act and dress like me.
Nothing on a train track, built for delivering future flowers,
shaped how a rose could be.

A Teacher of Meek Ego, fighting to keep Hold of his Teaching Aid Bucket,
that his Principle always has Fun with in Jest.
A Virtual Village in a Virtual Valley,
Irresistible to Exploring Avatars who Fly over it's Crest.

A Female Fifty Foot Tall, Swim Sport Instructor Training New Students,
by Holding their Heads Upside Down in Water.
Mother Sitting Talking Cheerfully, to Someone Lying Face Down in Garden,
Her Head under Bench Park Daughter.

A Large Turtle on a Bus Stop covering a Diamond Encrusted Man Hole Cover
that No One but the Turtle, knows is There.
A Bus Zooming Past a Bus Stop,
Blowing Fast Food Litter, up into the Air.

Looking out my Window and seeing a Toy Radio Controlled Balloon,
crash landed on my Snow Covered Lawn.
Woman at Bar Striking Bartender, with Large Pan of Meatballs,
Every Time He says Something Wrong.

A Thirty Year old Shy Owner of a Large Corporation,
Embarrassingly admitting that yes he owns the Largest Office.
A Newspaper Relationship Column advising,
Whenever She is Still the Softest.

Headlights of a Large Truck Turning into our Driveway,
Approaching a Wolf Waiting in our Open Garage Someday.
A Passive Model on a Catwalk Stage walking Past a Toilet,
Placed at the Start of the Glamour Runway.

A Well Practiced Rabbit Rushing Exactly and Directly Home,
with a Well Practiced Window Leap.
Finding a Pair of Reading Glasses,
inside a Well Compacted Composting Heap.

Woman searching for Good Place, to Hide her Tough Man Spike Belt,
Looking towards my Pillow.
Woman Gut Punching a Garbage Collection Man,
who is just Making his Regular Rounds so Jello.

Explaining that its Paw over this Barrier,
demonstrates its Political Views are too Radical for Me.
My Cat saying, we, could Never be Friends,
Must Stop One Doughnut Per Day, Goalie!

Unfindable in an Ominously Messy Sink Cubboard,
An Automatic Scent Freshening Machine bought Last Month.
Where, as they Take a Break From Scavenging,
Man and Woman Make Love, in a Garbage Dump.

A One Thousand Protester Sit-In for no Reason Really,
Except to Share Lunches and Relax.
A Man Disgusted by Acquaintances Removing and Returning
his Pets. Saying, Why would Anyone, do That.

A Man Looking into Stove Oven Tossing Food behind him,
Saying and Now it's Time for the Real Heat.
A Portrait I Painted of Myself with Some of my Siblings,
Where for some reason I'm a Ball of Meat.

Man and Woman Driving Convertible on Fast Highway,
with Woman Pulling Down Radio Antenna to Take Something off for Play.
A Proud Insert Falling out of your Newspaper that reads
Inspiring Ways of Solving problems Everyday.

And Lastly for the really Big Bonus Question,
Name the Cells that Rhyme.
A Man watching a Man at Work, who has Converted his Big Toes,
into Guns so he can Tunnelling Demolition a Mine.

(5 that can't be put on the posters because they are not quatrains) yearbook with white ink show up in sunlight someday tiny cloud be brave _ sunrays thank darkness that the eyelid gives away a gleam's cost is paid _ Rose wake you missed her, I dreamt I tripped and kissed her, I tripped a thousand times. _ Sing to a person with sound. Don't drag your heart on the ground. It's hard on the cells, gets sore and swells, and dam oh it hurts like hell.

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