2.1 Meg Welcome to my website video below.
This is a 29 second video of me standing at my window,
where I am speaking to the camera and saying the following
statement. "Hello and welcome to my website. To create a
painting or a poem takes about four minuits, like crop
circles or constelations. But it takes about ten days for
a simplification to surface".


Dec 1st 2007

(the very old embeding markeup code became too old to work, so the video is just a link now)

home = www.epicdewfall.ca
When silence comment's on a situation.
It provokes no reaction.
The hardest heart in the deepest despair.
Surely needs that traction.
Tangles must be so confused.
Come here go away in one wish fused.
Problems like a loyal dog.
Fetching wonder when you throw god.

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