Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Sixty Six

If I stand on earth and move less gritty.
I can almost fear no angers.
But I don't believe that please ignore it.
I was just admiring sanders.

#450A Crazy Mixed Up Tree Head Cartoon Character Unable to Tell Stories About Himself

#451A Man's Wrist Bending Upward Indicating Stop in the Most Manly Fashion Possible

#452Painting of a Man Living Inside a Small Cabin Built Inside An Art Gallery

#453A Frog in a Small Protective Cage with Lead Weights on a Pile of Unknown Snakes

#454My Successful Brother Wearing a Safety Helmet Surrounded by Many Picture Lockets in the Air

#455A Sportscaster with Beads of Sweat on his Face Showing You a Microphone and a Calculator

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