Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Sixty Four

I'm kind of saving that for less.
My oldest toast for some the fearless.
That a slight might slow the laughter.
Enough to learn by tearless.

#438Man Hiding Inside Barrel on Dock Two Arms Raised Tossing Something Towards River

#439Elaborate Steam Powered Starter's Pistol Above a Rolled Open Pouch of Nine Pocket Combs

#440Man Watching Two Women with Sunglasses in Coupe Covetable Drive Under Truck

#441Solemn Person on Dock a Man Followed by Geese Flying Over and an Elephant Under Water

#442A Leafless Bush with Twigs Forming a Bed Growing on the Edge of a Cliff

#443A Driverless Van With a Single Small Tree Growing on it's Roof Like an Antenna

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