Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Sixty One

Here with the irony of giving you flowers.
Like the knowing that activists sleep.
Are the results of all the known April showers.
And the please laugh I'm trying to be deep.

#419Two Faces for my Public Outings Serious Face of Letter A's or Serious Face of Letter D's

#420A Dreamer in a Horse Costume at Mall Seated behind a Woman in a Food Court

#421Unflattering Half Finished Painting of a Monkey by a Monkey Who's Siblings Probably Wish He Would Stop

#423A Man Eating a Handful of Dirty Coins in a Void

#424Electric Eel Resting on Shoulder of Horse Both Lying Down with Fallen Wire Across Them

#425Sleeping Man Running from Tree Behind Him His Feet Not Touching Ground

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