Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Thirty Five

When the crime is loneliness.
Do you hear in cubic lots.
The innocent mind has none.
Just half completed thoughts.

  These paintings are also for sale on 8 posters with 66  
  paintings on each one. ($19.95 US -

#263Self Portrait of Baby With a Paint Brush Hung Upside Down For His Mother

#264Crazy Eyeglasses Turned Sideways One Lens a Crazy Eye the Other Lens a Mouth

#265Two Dinosaur Heads Among Abandoned Garbage Strewn Along a Snowy Road

#266Many Statues Bowls and Awards on Top of Roman Type Pillars

#267A Horse and a Raccoon in a Park Staring at You the Horse Peeking From Behind a House

#268Horse Leaving Blocked Driveway Jumping Over Parked Car and Car Behind Him Following

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