Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Seventy One

The peaceful in constant battle.
Against the bored who would do anything.
Hand one a peace of paper.
And the other the fight that it brings.

#1684A Clothespin on a Clothesline Chapter One

#16853 AM view of mud-filled hair Man walking chest Deep in Dark River as he Listens to Podcasts each Night in Second Life

#1686Like father like son the Back of my mind (it does not follow) Why don't you come in here The Moon is Parked Outside

#1687Man leaving House after prolonged Rest and seeing all Drivers now have two Bigger Wheels on their right Sides

#1688Mash 4077 listening to famous Folk singer finish his last Song then telling Dr. Pierce his Bandaged hand is now Numb

#1689Nameless old Man in Mirror with Paper Tube testing if he could ever Deflect Delegation Instructions when near Super Workers

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