Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Sixty Six

Like wind chimes under a dining room table.
Sung by situations instead of breeze.
For kinships we could never hear from granite.
Could you task the flimsy please.

#1654That 1000-foot long Stone Moat Bridge leading to every Household for Princesses Knights Dragons and Olds

#1655The Sadness of Projectors that only show the First two Sentences of a Movie closing Light Hole Flaps Last Time

#1656Only just one lobster Captain. But it's holding a 58 Terabyte. Should we throw it's thumb drive back? Or Arts'-Appetite?

#1657Fifteen cats unwrapping their Gifts before Their owner has to get back to the Hospital

#1658Man dropping uncapped Shoe Polish from back of hand into a City River as Woman following watches from Alley

#1659Bachelor Steering his Home Staircase by adjusting two folded Blankets a few Degrees Beside before his visitor Arrives

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