Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Sixty Three

Like two twenty one pm.
Rarely receives aware.
The secret way a moment can love.
So deeply from equal share.

#1636The winning Couple on Let's Get Hitched Bad Teeth Edition

#1637Two Mothers using Hole between two Hotel Rooms to soothe crying Baby saying we only made him talk Endlessly about Smoking Rules

#1638Man Riding with Poetry Flag Poll attached to Skateboard Going Home with his Groceries

#1638Raccoon who forgot Flowers dressed in Tuxedo naively trying to Find some way to Ring a Doorbell

#1640Ten Motor Bike Members rarely needing to Emerge from a Forest Edge

#1641Man who looks at Frightening World through Viewing Gap of his Bedroom Trashcan rarely Remembering to Brush his Teeth

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