Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Sixty One

A Jackrabbit with one big-thumb front leg.
On a map rare speed.
It's thumb hurting from such deep surgeries.
Called what a woman seas.

#1624Rarely activated Joy Stick Mounted under Car (Why I never leave my Home or bother the Women)

#1625Man passing his Head through Steel Door investigating Source of Sparks Outside Train Boxcar while his two cohorts Sleep

#1626Farmer stomping upon Poorly working lazy boy Chair Daily and Forever until it's bent Mechanisms work as Expected

#1627A small yellow Pod Car parked on the middle of a Calm Lake viewed from a Fifty-foot long Road

#1628Two old men watching Train departure with Huge screwdriver tied to Caboose and realizing their Brother was Right

#1629Artist-Poet climbing Mountain that is covered Completly with upside-down Artist-Boots and Poet-Boots

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