Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Sixty

Alright agent Lisbon.
Do not talk about "this".
You and I are off-to the races.
I-hear Candle Glow might-fifth.

#1618Giant Folder named Don't Bring Me Down being offered by Giant skeletal Hand to Fishing Ship Crews below it Hates

#1619A completely lost Airline Pilot asking his senior Stewardess to Help him Find their way back Home

#1620Vision of twelve Surgeons and Nurses in masks and Gowns Waiting to be called into Action

#1621The Leaves of a Tree Branch in a Dense Forest forming Ten Percent of the Shape of a Woman

#1622The Worlds most insignificant Greenhouse uprooting Itself and walking away like a Centipede after making a Mistake

#1623Soil wondering if there's any way to see what's Going On

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