Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Ffifty Eight

That which is not paradox.
Can be so much at times.
Had until you find it.
As that makes it so fine.

#1606People Climbing dimensionless Stone Wall viewed from Fifth Floor Window reflecting Handheld Paint Mixing Palette

#1607A Marathon Runner Sleeping Warmly Two Strides before Wealth (Faster reactor are you counting on-yourself)

#1608A Two Hundred foot tall Elderly Rocket Straightener On Mars Who sadly Falls Over Often due to Her Old Age)

#1609Golf Club before Twenty foot wide School Blackboard Crack showing Thoughts Damaged in a hardened Mind

#1610Two brothers Cabin Fishing with One above Water and One Under Water Looking like the Reflection and Real World Teamed

#1611A danceless Man motionlessly hugging his Crush on the lively Dance Floor for Three Minutes

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