Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Ffifty Six

My soldier and my warrior.
Are friends in their old age.
Though oddly, cafe table choosing.
Remains the warrior's forte.

#1594Large high-speed white Boulder falling off a Woman's white Dress nearly knocking Man's head Off

#1595Two opposite shifting Terrains on two existential Plains like two Orbital Shells

#1596Dog alone on automated World Cruise Ship in training for it's Solo Trip to Mars to Live ahead of Human Colonization

#1597A man's Face parts continuously made of lots of small UFOs Flying in from the Right (one milk no surgar please)

#1598A man's Thumb and Fingers stretching out to Feel what's a Thousand Kilometres down the Road

#1599My fear of so many Close calls with Butterflies Always intending to collide With my Eyes

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