Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Forty Four

How are we going to enjoy it. a perfect river.
The difference between through it and cleaned.
You name the spot and i'll be there for you.
Hey there's a fire truck behind you (i've dreamed).

#1522New Sad Mash Spinoff about End of Life by Locust Starring Colonel Blake in THE NEW MARVELLOUS

#1523My Very Expensive Video Conferencing Smart Dinner Plates getting Dropped too Often

#1524Three Women Baseball Players forming the Key to Home Base

#1525The Old Wild West Alpha Male who always feels he must hunt for large Male Mosquitos and Disable their Flight with a Pinch

#1526The only Man who ever Sees a giant Bear Stalking him opening Curtain and seeing its Five foot Face against the Glass

#1527Artificial Teardrop on Painting outlined in Black it's Splash Wave reaching outdoor High Chair's lowest Rung (how does income from paintings work)

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