Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Forty Two

A fine actor, harvesting no wind.
All, that, you, were, going to say.
His father mean while hosting.
Just enough sin to sway.

#1510Man's Super large Crayon taken from Him and thrown down Basement Stairs and added to the pile at the Bottom

#1511Famous Man being interviewed uncomfortably on Set Video Wall behind him showing Frogs leaping West

#1512Large Frazzled pro Photographer giving Customers a Tour stopping on Oil Refinery Gangway to throw her Cameras away and Cry

#1513A man Walking to Next Town tripping and Falling over Nothing as he passes a Watch for Sleep Walkers road Sign

#1514A Shaggy White Dog and a Shaggy White Polar Bear clinging Closely in Flight to Work very much Like an Airplane

#1515A Puzzling Bed Quilt with an Arm Sleeve near Pillow always being found wrongly Inside Out

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