Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Forty One

Adjacent to my own-flashers.
Where a storm is moving through.
A very basic energy on a hook.
Modern wine wants "you" shy too.

#1504Two Ocean Pole standers at End of short Line Unhappy With their Stations both leaping left with Nothing to Lose

#1505Man Getting off Bus seeing Contemplative Woman Looking out from Viewing Park

#1506Emily Dickinson in her 30's a blue mess from making blueberry Pies looking at 50 foot crashed landed flying saucer vertical in her Lawn

#1507A Retired Wireman having no Problem with Flood Water Level as long as he Sleeps on his Top Bunk

#1508Man in Self-Driving Boat Pod at right edge of Unsupported River crossing Grand Canyon thinking wow AI turned out to be Great

#1509Man with Bicycle Spokes bandaged to Fingers and Thumbs who Cooks his Food over Campfire by Circulating hand Gestures

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