Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Forty

Of raven and of albatross.
Height becomes a man of soup.
Beleaguered to ingest the prose.
Of a library's truth.

#1498Rarely seen view of hidden Wireless Chargers and WiFi Hotspots beneath every Stadium Seat by Law

#1499Two Shy armies shooting Arrows in Palace bouncing off one Pillar where two Hallways Meet never hitting anyone yet for 50 Years

#1500Like a man with no arms stretching back Well seated at his station With five displays and two computers And creations

#1501A Digital Clock showing 5:01 PM

#1502The Five in the Corner and the Two-Six plant Cross Side as Opponent ascends Basement Stairs with Hissing Beetle

#1503Cheerful woman boarding Ship with Relatives Joking That she hears it can only apply brakes on Mondays

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