Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Thirty Nine

I'm currently out of "dark fireflies" Ma'am.
Renoir bought them all last year.
But do come in and we'll talk.
That's Anxiety. He has tears.

#1492Blind electric Guitar player with Method of leaving Stings Unstrung and just Rubbing them Various Ways over Pickups

#1493Woman dropping Nugget from her Hand whenever she Washes her Foot in stream To satisfy impossible demands Of What a Suitor Dreams

#1494Toddler in Diapers with Arms and Head reaching Back on-Top of Pile in Living Room of Boxes and Cats

#1495The pretty Doris option Somewhere in her home her Eyes with safety measures Breaking Pyramids down Alone

#1496Woman Placing Bag of old Clothing in long Hallway advising it make the Best of it by Going out and Seeing the World

#1497Where his dark San Andreas fault passes. Through dark-palace floors of shale. Every ugly masked court jester. Starts to look like a Nail.

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