Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Thirty Eight

His eyes with "brights" on forgotten.
His hands trained in the art of texting.
Graceful at "stepping" on "how about you".
Thrown "from" the days of nesting.

#1486A non existent Man walking his Dog with two elephant Tusks in midair above Him

#1487Roommates wearing tee-shirts in a New upside down Way and my Home Interior painted Sticky-White while I slept Today

#1488Homely Woman in Hallway background Mature Woman foreground saying You're making a Mistake you know. You're selling People

#1489Man with Beard and slow Hair opening Front door a Bit in Background and high priced Hi-Jinx at mall in Foreground

#1490Upright walking Metal Beetle in Rubble seeing other Upright walking Metal Beetle walking nearby in Deep Thought

#1491Balloon Living inside Beer Can creating Mouth by tearing Opening through both Layers when Given no choice but to Speak

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