Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Thirty Seven

Look at you at "live poetry".
And a guess that "sand is sand".
To be a very-hungry supper head.
Frozen to that land.

#1480Man walking Barren Country Road passing self serve rural survey stand owned by No Tree Fell Roadside Research

#1481Mentally ill Man on city Bus with Twenty dollars in his Pocket hearing Wrongdoers laughing Behind Him

#1482A Reluctant Man reaching up to Help dreaming Woman as she Sleep Walks about Helping Others (with the Leaf Miller poem)

#1483Two Roman Chariot axles becoming Very Hot as they fight to decide a Single Orbit

#1484Silhouette of a Man meditating in a Sunset line of Palm Trees

#1485Man in Wheelchair wearing Women Pointing at Sky T-shirt Arriving for Pilot Training overhearing his Trainer sounding Sad

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