Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Thirty Four

Anybody have a favourite cloud storage?
The way magnets disappear.
Let's not upset the sun. Or throw the teacher.
I was asking-since. I contain the "70's tear".

#1462Man going to his Job everyday of Pacing before Building preparing to catch any Fallen future Women he can Love

#1463Oscar Bursting up out of Calamities and Having just two Seconds to Throw a Solution Artifact to the Next Generation

#1464Tongue in cheek dragons know. To answer yes or no. Buttons can Squrve the rights of lines. To display when old.

#1465Like a shirt in a can. Or Emily in a fold. More-comfortable in the wind. Heavenly New Year's in a toad.

#1466One Centimetre Time Port Hole in Livingroom Entertainment Center firing Extremely Slow Motion Spit Balls and dead Flies at Viewer

#1467Inexperienced Man getting inched two feet passed Lost and Found Window realizing he Now has to return to the Back of the Line

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