Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Thirty Three

He sure is handsome, your Moose.
That's it's Job, screams the chair.
Tobacco, hand me that thing.
Bite your head off Oatmeal Air.

#1456A man badly Wishing he had brought Q-Tips to Mars

#1457A Mars Colony Scientist able to turn himself Into a caged Monkey Depending on who is Visiting

#1458Waking up every Morning to the loud Hourglass

#1459A Man thinking small like a Butterfly landing on beautiful Tree nearby Deeply Thinking until Waking Up

#1460Cheerful Man backpacking through Europe With Thirty foot Stone Wheel on his Back

#1461A balding Man wth Cartoon Clown hair Driving a Clown Car that only has Room for Himself

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