Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Thirty Two

One pillow.
You just stood there "thinking" in the start.
I think it's trying to explain our-patience.
The "fundamentals" brooms hide in the dark.

#1450Number one in Time Struggling with Comments Below Broom (no room no darling)

#1451The W section of a Slightly opened Book having a peak at the World

#1452A volunteer Caped Super Hero arriving at Gate Five Looking through the small Arrivals Crowd for Friends

#1453Basement Scientist trying a few Overflowing Chemical Reactions to maybe Predict the most common result of Stock Market Love Affairs

#1454My omniscient Brother softly placing Three pairs of Glasses on the Table before Me as I eat Leaning closely over my Soup

#1455A Man building his own Home hiding all the Receipts in the Walls

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