Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Thirty One

There are ten people in a darkroom.
If they can prove that they exist.
With an arsenal of only odd behaviours.
Divide pi in-two plus this.

#1444My knees in Ontario. Found land. Made of clay. Got-lucky. But-are what-oceans. Might want to shape their way.

#1445Mister Rose Garden Mistakes watching it Rain Outside un-suddenly Realizing he's just a Door

#1446Dust insulting Something cola Reversed that any Oscar cathode or anode could Deserve

#1447A father Smoking when he was a Farm Hand Fixing brooks learning First time Thirsty

#1448A siamese Brother living life as a Shoulder Mouth allowed-Occasionally to say the word Blob

#1449A load of Laundry someone tried Stuffing into a Snack vending machine on a Large Ship

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