Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Thirty

Every dream in virtual reality.
Does what ever it melts.
Which is "fine" in it's very own way.
Wait a minute. Would that be himself.

#1438The Ice Cream Disaster Mayor. Connecting an old radio to plug. You Can Always Try And Be Taxi With Me. By Arting' the Bug.

#1439Couch trapped being Fancy meant to be a Tuba Deciphered wrong like Liken called to Jury Duty

#1440Awesome imaginary-neighbor. Flash flooding eyebrow-nonsense. Somewhere-investing. Where my hopes might help up conscience.

#1441Group Therapy large space With Three Hundred Folding Chairs around the Edges of the Room with Only Ten in Use

#1442Table Bunker filling Cracks and Stuff with Short Decisions (here boy here's your spoon)

#1443He didn't want to say anything. No one talks to a bus. What's in it for us. Experience rhyming passion rust.

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