Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Twenty Eight

Every dream in virtual reality.
Has perfect slam-disorder as well.
Are you selling any thing hot-stuff.
Greetings Dave. Do you want to be able to tell.

#1426Man Raising Small Spoon of Medicine with Long Handle to Mouth

#1427A Dragonfly waking a Man with no fingers Sleeping in the Woods in a Bed of Snow

#1428Duck thinking next to cat. I don't have my horse and strong. But I could still meet her. If there's something wrong.

#1429There's a man. Shaking his fist at sparrows. How can he take? Care of planes near errors.

#1430Champagne happening to be in a Yin Yang State with Everything as Much as an Afternoon too Late

#1431Make a Move come see Your Hand I'm headed the Same direction as Well

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