Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Twenty Five

It was a very nice lunch thank you.
Under every tree a signal.
A stand up comedy you cannot breed.
Because society defends its Tinkle.

#1408Captain of a King Crab fishing Boat who never Leaves his Wooden Crate

#1409A Sleepy Man Leaning his Pillow up against a Car Exhaust Pipe never Surprised at what the Car Leaves

#1410Waitress arriving Home passing her Neighbour often Luge Sledding though the Hallways of their abandoned College

#1411A Woman with her hair Sculpted like a Squirrel on the back As she approaches a Man

#1412A man so worried. His square bailing can might offend. So he writes poetry. Until hes round again.

#1413The answer is a wish for Mom. May she have a clock like muck. With Lego-love for Lego-Hands. And Lego-Shoes that stick too much.

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