Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Twenty Four

I can only suggest you use real visions.
On shores where the oars are sought.
Stored in each trickle, an ocean roars brittle.
That joy at one's "first sight of thought".

#1402Man with Metal File scraping Old Rust off his Hopelessly rusted TV antenna Pole while his BBQ dinner Guests Mingle

#1403Hiding in Bushes at Poetry Reading until someone Arrives Portage running to be first one Seated that's not dangerous that's Corsage

#1404Woman Scientist controlling her Nano World avatar with Big Thoughts for small movements and small thoughts for Big Movements

#1405Middle of nowhere small green plant white stem with words I Think I thought of thought while thinking magically then I thought of Thinking

#1406A Mother makeing sad Coffee for her Daughter's new Boyfriend pushing her Kettle's Temperature to Low

#1407Woman cowering in Corner of her Kitchen spooked by Coffee Can tipping over by Itself

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