Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Twenty One

You're lucky that they have no data.
Just all seasons within each dawn.
Do you think they'll notice us?
The first time, school teaches something wrong.

#1384Cautious Toilet Head Security Guard making his Rounds to press www Buttons while carrying Egg on Spoon

#1385Greeting Farmer hiding behind mound of earth with Straw taped to Fingers holding up Hand shouting Hay

#1386Following a Tiny Ant in a Hospital to a Dusty Utility Room where there's a Hovering Ball of Ladders

#1387A Small Sky Big City towing a Big Sky Small City

#1388Bow of Ocean Liner breaking Waves Viewer of Grand Hallway breaking Haze

#1389Tattered gloved Hand of Laundry Woman showing Holes where the marsh spiders get In

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