Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Twenty

Hydration being the only sinew.
That Lakes can share through roads.
And because all-charcoal filters eyes.
Count men among the toads.

#1378A Man and his Girlfriend always changing their Air Filters with One hand Each in unison Yes Mantels can also Dream

#1379Pig Mountain (The grand Scheme of Things)

#1380Noticing your Blue Shirt worn under apron of Waitress Sleeping half Way through Two hundred Foot narrow Cobble Stone Tunnel

#1381Sunset silhouette of my Brother at High Tech company Picnic ignoring his Coworkers' Flyover on various Star Wars Land Speeders

#1382Night Person A meeting at edge of puddle to ask the stars What's Out There

#1383Passengers watching Card Shark pulling The one Card from a Plane Wreck that was covering a Rusted Hole

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