Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Eighteen

Tall woman standing on helmet of a construction worker.
As they watch the sunset seem.
The world was once a simple place.
Where man knew where was gleam.

#1366Woman Getting Ready for Dinner Movie Date by Replacing the Faulty Camera Module of her Always Wear VR Helmet

#1367Still in diapers sees a trend. It's about transportation all within. Woman forced to transcribe her own Psychiatric-visits. Says to reporters it was like Hell's un-End.

#1368Twenty Five relatives Lounging on Four Sofas with Smartest Brother asking Can't you see We need to Move your Room

#1369Two arriving Visitors ascending their Brother's Fifty Four Ton new portable Concrete Door Landing

#1370A non-swimmer Man high-speed Skateboarding across Lake in search for girlfriend Followed by worried Neighbour Woman to Save Him

#1371Low Orbiter storing organ Pains deep Tears wrong Naming's & brick message Ribbons at bottom of Lungs for Siblings who can never Visit

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