Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Seventeen

Poetry as the frog that cannot jump.
Art as the frog that tried.
There is a distance no words can trump.
That anchor of the heard inside.

#1360People with Yellow Hair seeing Yellow Magma flowing from Volcano as they look out Window

#1361An old psychic waking up to find he has Gold Arm Hair and a Gold Beard after dining at a Five Star Restaurant

#1362An Earth below my Chair and an Earth as my Old Thinking Cap

#1363A Lake Cottage built Exactly to Shoreline Edge and Questionably too matched to Water Level

#1364Elderly Mother Sleeping on Moose Antlers above Barn Doors while Gatherings of her Family watch her each Night

#1365A Father Backing up Five Steps from his Dream Team just Defending a Wall

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